Thursday, August 20, 2015

Six Word Fridays - Rock

This post is to blog hop Six Word Fridays - Rock. Others posts for this blog hop can been seen by clicking the link.  The rules are pretty simple.  Each line must be six words.  A post can be one line or many lines, but only six words per line.

Desert in Southeastern Oregon

The Rock Left a Fatal Impression

The rock was one of many.
We were carefully lifting each one.
We hoped to find a snake.
Soon the census would be done.
Others in the group were experienced.
They could easily identify the snake.
I was invited to go along.
I wish my hands didn't shake.
Then I saw the ringed snake.
I promptly dropped the desert rock.
It broke the rare serpent's spine.
The census included one snake, deceased.
I proclaimed, "the fault is mine."


  1. That poor snake, such a fate. - Cool shot of the desert there in OR.

  2. we meet at six words Friday?!
    Herzlich P.