Monday, August 3, 2015

Haiku Challenge #56: Luck & Hope

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On metal keychain
Dangles a soft rabbit's foot
For the hope of luck

There were probably a lot of people who had one at some time in their lives.  I had one when I was about 12 I think.  It was like carrying a lucking charm, and it was right up there with finding a four-leaf clover. However, I did not know the history of carrying a rabbit's foot. Had I known, I probably wouldn't have joined in with the popular craze of the time.  Click here for a great blog with more information about the history.


  1. I used to have a rabbit's foot keychain when I was a kid, it never occurred to me that it came from an actual rabbit. So sad.

    1. Since I grew up on a farm, I was used to animals being killed for the purpose of being eaten, and the pelts of rabbits being dried and sold too, the idea of the rabbits being killed wasn't as alarming as the reasons mentioned for having a rabbit's foot as a charm. It is the history behind the craze that bothers me most. Then again celebrating Halloween isn't high on my list of favorites either.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes they do. A lot of the ones that have to do with health and to gardening really do work.