Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Six Sentence Stories - Canvas

Image by Alexander Lesnitsky from Pixabay 

Sue recognized the number of the incoming call as being one of the senior centers where she often helped out, so she answered suspecting that there was some kind of a need. The voice on the other end wasn’t one she recognized, but she was somewhat intrigued by what she heard when after a few introductory remarks, the man who identified himself as Steve Silver said, “It was brought to my attention that you have done some canvas work and I am kind of in a pinch. Would you be willing to meet with me at 10 a.m. in the Lake View Room at the south center on Thursday so I can go over the details to see if this is something you might want to take part in for a few weeks?"


Recently she had received a flyer from the center about some upcoming art classes and had been debating if she wanted to sign up for an oil painting class and maybe make use of one more of her unused canvases taking up space in her closet.

Thursday morning she grabbed a small miniature canvas done in pen and ink that she had finished last year of the fountain in the city square and stuck it in her tote, just in case. She felt a little silly, and disappointed when she learned that Steve was being encouraged to run for a local water district position, and he needed one more person to do some convassing to help him get some idea of how many voters would consider backing him.

Six Sentence Stories - Canvas
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Monday, March 7, 2022

Ten Things of Thankful

This is another Ten Things of Thankful blog hop post. I wanted to get this posted much sooner, but part of me wasn't cooperating. Hope you have felt thankful even on the days when you aren't able to write about them and that you will join in when you are able.

1. Toys and their many uses

A man who recently passed away had a great knowledge of different kinds of tractors and how to fix them. It was decided that tractors should be the centerpieces for the tables at the dinner for the family after the funeral.  I was glad I still had a  toy tractor share.

2. Sunshine instead of rain during the day when the funeral service and burial occurred

Sunshine in spite of a few darker clouds

3. Reprieve from pain one day so I could do something I really wanted to do for someone

4. Help extended to me

5. Because I had registered for RootsTech this year, I watched few classes this weekend and will be able to watch the other sessions whenever I want during the remainder of the year.

6. The many shapes of blossoms



English Daisy

Budding abelia

Spring Star Flower

7. The significance of paths

It is interesting to me how the paths one takes in life often becomes a similar path of the descendants and the lessons one learns when that isn’t the case. Perhaps the herd of deer who made this trail determined this was the safest way to avoid close Interactions with humans, but it isn’t without some dangers (crossing a lane without encountering a vehicle). Depending on what the future holds, possibly there will be no more deer inhabiting this area and no more deer paths on the property because the herds have moved into others areas. 

Deer path

8. Enigmas that cause me to search for answers and the people who might be able to answer my question

I either overwatered a jade plant or didn’t give it enough water. One of the lower leaves was looking a bit squishy, so I removed the leaf which has a tiny little plant growing from the top side of the leaf. The leaves of the plant are so small, I am unable positively say that it is a little jade plant, but then what else could it be? The jade pot sits very near a small begonia plant, but that seems to be a highly unlikely propagator. 

9. New way to tackle opening a can

The easy-to-open cans are sometimes not that easy to open for those who have a bit of arthritis in their hands, so this what came to mind the other day and it works perfectly.

Using leverage provided by
 the spoon handle to lift up
the pull tab on a can

10. Vic, family and friends

Ten Things of Thankful
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