Friday, October 30, 2015

Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge: Indoor walkways, hallways, elevators

This is a hallway photo I took that I am linking to the blog hop at Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge:  Indoor walkways, hallways, elevators.  Enjoy.

100 WCGU - Week #172 the howling dog, the moon and the creaking boards made for

This post is being linked to the blog hop at Julia's 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups-Week #172. . .the howling dog, the moon and the creaking boards made for. . . The story written for this blog hop should be written in exactly 100 words.  Since I tend to want to be a little wordy, this is an exercise in brevity.

As she was finishing a few chores in the barn after it got dark, she thought about the startling news she heard on the radio at noon.  Now that it was no longer daylight, her mind seemed to take off on its own volition writing the news report into a scary episode and taking her with it.  It didn't help that a howling dog, the moon and the creaking boards made an eerie evening before Halloween. All of a sudden she jumped back into reality when she heard a baby's cry in the loft above her. Was the rumor true? 

SSS - Refuse & FTSF - in 1000 years from now

This week I had three blog hop prompts floating around in my head. I wrote a post for Finish the Sentence Friday - in 1000 years from now.  After finishing it I realized that I had used the requirements for another blog hop which requires that you write a story in exactly 100 words.  I'd written a story for FTSF in exactly 100 words which wasn't the requirement for FTSF.  After seeing the error of my ways, I realized that what I'd written, with just a little editing, could be used for not only FTSF but for the Six Sentence Stories - Refuse post which requires that you write a story in six sentences.  (I still need to write a post for the blog hop that requires 100 words, because it has a prompt that just doesn't fit with this post.)   Sometimes multi-tasking while writing posts for different blog hops isn't the best approach.  Now that I've got your head spinning with my writing misadventure, I hope you'll turn your attention to my much easier to understand story.

Thanks in advance to Ivy Walker host of Six Sentence Stories - Refuse and to Kristi Rieger Campbell, host of Finish the Sentence Friday, in 1000 years from now.   This post is being linked to both of these sites.

She never expected to be there that day.  She'd just felt like going for a walk up the hill.  Then she rounded a bend and thought she heard a man's voice off in the distance.  Cautiously she walked closer so she could hear better and then sat down by a large boulder where she could listen but not be seen.  A few of the things were difficult for her to understand, and her family might refuse to believe what she would tell them later.  But never in a 1000 years from now would she deny what she had felt then.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cee's Compose Yourself Challenge: Week #5 Leading Lines

In looking through my photos I discovered several that will work to post and link up to the blog hop at Cee's Compose Yourself Challenge:  Week #5 Leading Lines.

I felt that the reflection of the sky on the water was a fairly straight line drawing the viewer's eyes right through the photo.

Although this line is not completely straight, nor is it curvy, it does cause the viewer to keep going deeper into the photo.

The house is fairly predominant, but the steps guide the eyes toward the house.

These last three photos cause one to wonder what is around the bend.

The next three CCY challenges will be about other types of lines, so go to her site to learn more.  Take some photos and join in the adventure of blog hopping at Cee's.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Phones and Computers

With some scavenging and some not, I was able to take photos of telephones and computer related stuff to be able to link up to Cee's Fun Foto Challenge:  Phones and Computers.

Just the shell of the type of phone I remember my grandparents using.

I can't live without these if I want to get my photos from my camera loaded into the computer.

Did you ever wonder what happened to all those red phones?

A phone used by my Mom for a short while, until it became too confusing for her.

This phone is actually my Mom's very small pencil sharpener.

I may be one of the last to hold out getting one of the newer cell phones.

Thank you Cee, for recognizing me as a featured blogger for my post last week to Cee's Fun Foto Challenge:  Hats

Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry #Challenge #68 Muse&Pen

Sometimes I muse a lot about what I should write for a particular blog hop and occasionally write more than one haiku for a blog hop post.  This time I leave you with one haiku which I will link up to Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry #Challenge #68 Muse&Pen.   Be sure to visit Ronovan's site to see the direction this prompt has taken other haiku writers.  If you enjoy writing haiku, have a blog, and want to join in with these challenges, follow Ronovan.

Which muse should tutor me
when I pen my latest prose
will Erato help

Share Your World - 2015 Week #43

These blog hop questions made me put on my thinking cap, but I finally have some answers.  I'm linking this post to Cee's Share Your World - 2015 Week #43.  Every week the questions change, and there is something more to think about and to share.  Link your post to Cee's blog hop.

1.  If you were on a debate team, what general subject would you relish debating?  I was never on a debate team, but all of our children were on debate teams in high school, and one was on a debate team in college.  If I were to debate, I would likely debate about some aspect of education.  A second runner up would be the general subject of nutrition and foods.

2.  What's your strongest sense?  It is definitely the sense of smell.  I've taken a lot of kidding about this over the years, i.e. "I should hire you out as a blood hound!"

3.  What would you name the autobiography of your life?  This title is still up for debate, but I guess it would be Finding Herself Sooner Than Later.

4.  List your favorite flavors or types of tea.  I used to drink tea with sugar added, but now enjoy it without the sugar.
  1. Peppermint
  2. Mandarine Orange Spice
  3. Camomile Lavender
  1. Herbal
  2. No caffeine
  3. Celestial Seasonings
  4. The Tao of Tea
Bonus Question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? See my newest post of Ten Things of Thankful I wrote this weekend.  It lists things for which I was grateful last week.  The things I am looking forward to this week are more of those moments of spontaneity that make us laugh or smile, and then sharing them with others.

Cee's Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week 43

Yesterday we pulled into a parking space, and I'm glad I'd grabbed my camera before leaving the house.  This photo I took of the car parked next to us seems perfect for this post which I am linking to the blog hop at Cee's Odd Ball Photo Challenge:  2015 Week 43.

Does anyone else want eyelashes for your car?

TJ's Household Haiku Challenge - Garden

Last night as I pondered this haiku challenge, I couldn't help put remember two of the most known gardens in the Bible.  I am linking my haiku on this post to TJ's Household Haiku Challenge - Garden.

They were told to leave
the garden planted by God
was home of their birth

In Gethsemane
the garden was His refuge
for His sacred prayer

Loss and regrets come
when leaving our own gardens
we must choose wisely

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ten Things of Thankful - Singing Turkeys on a Treadmill

Usually I don't give an additional title on my weekly post linking up to the Ten Things of Thankful post, but thinking about some of the key words of things for which I am thankful this week, I couldn't resist.  Even though these key thankful words don't link to one another, they are for this title, Ten Things of Thankful - Singing Turkeys on a Treadmill.  See if you can find the entries with these key thankful words.

Yesterday my husband and I decided to stop by the Keizer Rapids Park north of Salem.  We had never been there, and loved what we found.  We were there in middle of the afternoon, but we will definitely go back in the early morning or late afternoon sometime to take photos of  birds.  There are nature trails, a boat dock, a huge brand new big toy area for kids, a dog park, disc golf course, a beach volleyball area, picnic areas, and a amphitheater. The web site is down, or I would have a link to this park.  I'm thankful for the newspaper article that sparked my interest in this park, but especially glad my husband wanted to go on this outing, when there were some football games to be watched.

I'm thankful to be able to see wild TURKEYS on a  road near us.  I took this photo a while back at a wildlife refuge in our area. I haven't been able to get a photo of the turkey I've seen twice this week. There isn't a convenient place to pull over.
A neighbor recently gave us some spaghetti squash and  some butternut squash.  If you ever tried to cut into a butternut squash, you may be like me in thinking that what you really needed was an axe to accomplish the task. Not wanting to got through that ordeal, I googled baking a whole butternut squash.  Yep, can be done!  I washed the outside of it, made a couple of stabs on the top toward the ends, and put it on a foil-lined the pan and baked it in the oven for 1 hour 15 min. at 350 degrees.  I let it cool for a while, before scooping out the seeds and removing the pulp to make a delicious soup.  There are lots of recipes online.  Mine had the squash pulp, chicken broth, low-fat coconut milk, saluted onion and garlic, thyme, nutmeg, and salt, and white pepper.  Grated cheese and bacon bits can be
added when served. I'm thankful for this easier way of preparing and cooking this kind of
squash, and for garden gifts from neighbors.

There are so many different kinds of maple trees seen here in the valley, and some of them have turned brilliant red.  I'm thankful for all the gorgeous colors seen at this time of year in the foliage.

Back in the spring I  bought a product that I can hang on my exercise bike, so I am able to read a book, or read using my iPad.  It works really well there, but is slightly too small for use on the treadmill, or so I thought.  Yesterday I decided to give it a try again.  Although it doesn't snap on to the top, it does balance safely there.  I was able to walk and read for a half hour!  Since walking is kind of mindless, unless I am doing it outdoors, I can actually read, ponder, and learn as I read while walking on the TREADMILL.  I've had the iPad nearby with the sound turned up so I can listen to the scriptures, or something else uplifting while walking on the treadmill, but I really like reading instead of listening while I am walking.  My mind isn't as likely to wander if I am reading while walking.  I am thankful for discovering that what I didn't think would work, actually does.
A question for readers:  Do any of you have the challenge of your mind wandering when you are reading, and if so, does reading while moving your body help your concentration?

For some of you who have been blog hopping much longer than me, you probably know the thrill of being recognized in some way for one of your posts, or possible your entire blog.  This week I received an email that my blog hop post on Cee's Photography was recognized as a featured blogger for my post to Cee's Compose Yourself Challenge:  Always take more than one photo.  I'm thankful for those fun surprises, that make me want to try harder.

When I was visiting with my Mom on Friday, the Silvertones, a local choir in the Willamette Valley,  came to the nursing home.  When I learned they were  going to be there, I asked Mom if she would like to go with me to the dining hall to listen to them sing.  Normally she doesn't like to go into the dining hall, I think because of the size of the room and so much visual stimulation, but she said she would go if I wanted to go.  The choir sang a lot of songs that Mom would have been familiar with once in her life, but it wasn't until about 30 minutes into the performance that Mom started to smile once in a while as certain songs were being sung.  I was sitting beside her and singing along with the choir, so she could perhaps hear the words better and maybe try singing along.  Finally toward the end of the singing she actually mouthed some of the words to a few of the songs, AND JOINED IN SINGING on a couple of pieces.  She especially enjoyed the final song, The Battle Hymn of the Republic.  I am so thankful for those in this choir and other groups who share their talents and light up the faces of those who have  difficulty remembering, or have great physical limitations or both.

This week I made a Brave Bot Buddy to be donated to the Doernbecher's Children's Hospital in Portland, OR.  Many of the women at  our church were involved in making Brave Bot Buddies to be donated for this worthy cause.  Click this link to learn more about the Brave Bots.  The Brave Bot Buddy has a slot for holding the Brave Bot.  I'm thankful I have a sewing machine and was able to take part in this activity.

Once again I learned something new this week.  I learned about Puzzilla and how it can be helpful in one's family history research.  I wasn't familiar with this.  It is particularly helpful on those lines where one has hit a brick wall.  I'm thankful for these helpful tools.

The last thing that has really been of interest to me this week are some essays on  The topics are ones that have puzzled some members for a number of years and a lot of the general public not of my faith.  I haven't read all of them yet, but have read a couple of them and found the explanations very enlightening.  If you have wondered about some things having to do with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, you might be interested in reading some of these essays.  I'm thankful to be able to be able to share this link with those who may have an interest in reading these.

Thanks to all who have stopped by to read my Ten Things of Thankful this week.

Ten Things of Thankful

Friday, October 23, 2015

Six Word Fridays - Leaf

In case you haven't noticed from reading my blog, I love blog hops.      There are a lot of different blog hops in the blogging world, with new ones constantly being added.  Just Google blog hop and take a peek.

The blog hop at Adrienne's Six Word Fridays - Leaf is pretty broad as to writing style, except for the one sure thing, that each line must not have more than six words in it.  This is my composition for this post being linked to Six Word Fridays - Leaf.

 In the autumn of its days
the leaf hangs on for all
it is worth as it moves
gently with the cool fall breeze.
When the light is just right,
it displays its beautiful crimson veins
even more brilliantly, but it senses
that something is not quite right,
and at times it is hard
to cling to the branch, like
when the squirrel scampers straight toward
it.  Such sudden movements frighten the
leaf.  Many other leaves have already
fallen because of the unexpected bustle
which caused the branch to dip
or shake.  A few crows fly
to the tree to pay a 
visit to the leaf, but their 
cawing is very loud and too
frequent, making the leaf feel confused,
because communications that once were plain
and easy to understand, just aren't
anymore, but it guessed it was
better than not having any visitors.
Now the leaf is alone on 
the branch except for a few
 whose colors have faded even more,
and who talk of just going
 home, not realizing they are home.
  Some just hang and wait, not
not even speaking, but waiting for
a sweet release, perhaps in winter.

Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Week 235

This is a fill-in the blanks kind of post that I am linking up to at Hilary's Friday Four Fill-in Fun Week 235.  This week the co-hostess for this blog hop is Pam from Trooppetries Mcguffey's Reader.  As you read my responses you might consider how you might want to fill in the blanks.  By clicking on the link you can read how others responded.

My answers are underscored.

1.  Have you ever gone out of state by train? Yes.  Due to the flooding of some areas along the railroad tracks in southern California, the passengers had to get off the train and be bussed to their destinations or to the next train station where they would be able to complete their journeys.

2.  Growing up summer meant the summer between high school graduation and entering college, because that was the first job I had working in an office.  (Before that I'd just picked berries and beans in the fields and worked in the cannery.)  I was able to get a job as dental office receptionist, but I also learned how to develop the x-rays, and learned how to do some dental assisting.  The regular receptionist was on vacation that summer.

3.  The weather outside is getting cooler.  The heater in the car kicked on this morning because the thermometer showed that it was 45 degrees outside.  The highs for this week are in the upper 60's and the lows are in the mid 40's.  We haven't had many days with hard rains yet.

4.  My favorite teacher taught me what a caring teacher might do.  I actually wrote a post a while back about some of my teachers.  Click here to read more.

Feeling Beachie

Thursday, October 22, 2015

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups - Week #171 ...I can't decide when to change...

This makes twice in one week that I'm making an attempt at writing fiction.  This post will be linked to Julia's blog hop 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups - Week #171 ... I can't decide when to change... The challenge here is to write exactly 100 words to tell your story.

With her work and packing, she'd been going in circles for weeks before she boarded the plane. The flight was long, but she was able to get some rest even though there was a crying child several seats back.  It was a last minute decision to rent a car upon arriving.  She didn't want to burden her hostess.  She took a couple of deep breaths and settled in behind the wheel.  She felt some frustration when she soon found herself going in yet another circle and mumbled, "I can't decide when or how to change lanes in this round about!"

If you want to see what others have written in response to this challenge, be sure to check out Julia's blog.  If you enjoy this kind of challenge join in on the fun.

Six Sentence Stories - Entrance

This is an attempt at some fictional writing, not my usual writing style, for the blog hop at Ivy's Six Sentence Stories - Entrance.

She was quite diminutive compared to the last participant, but that's of no matter, just an observation. She and the director had been speaking in unusually quiet voices in the hall before opening the door where the panel awaited. The whole room seemed to come alive as the two of them entered with their let's-get-it-over-with attitudes.

After a short introduction by the director, she began speaking to the ten panelists by telling them to feel free to ask questions or make comments whenever they wished, and then she began speaking without even so much as a pause, telling them of her experiences. She was an animated speaker because her involvement in the event had planted a fervor in her shown by the excitement in her eyes, the expression on her face, and the rapidity of her words bouncing off her tongue in staccato fashion.  The panel seemed entranced by her words, but didn't have much of a chance to make an entrance into this debriefing session with their questions having to do with the first-of-its-kind event.   

Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge: Wood

Visiting historical places is something that rekindles a sense of connecting to the past and what it would have been like to live then.  A couple of photos I took at one of these places will work for the blog hop at Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge:  Wood.

 Some buildings at the Sod House Ranch

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cee's Compose Yourself Challenge: Simplicity

Each week Cee gives me another opportunity to learn more about photography.  Today's subject  is simplicity.  I am linking my before (uncropped  and unedited) photos and my after photos, including one of each in black and white to Cee's Compose Yourself Challenge:  Simplicity.

Before, no need to edit

Before, no need to edit

Before, no need to edit

Before editing

After editing

Before, no need to edit

Before editing

After editing