Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Week 234

This is my post for the blog hop at Hilary's Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Week 234.  The co-host this week is Ellen from 15 and Meowing.  The main idea of this blog up is to fill-in the blanks.  Check out Hilary's blog and join in the fun.

My fill-in responses are underscored.

1. I always make a wish when I am getting ready to blow out candles on my birthday cake.  I don't make a lot of wishes like this anymore.  We usually skip the cake, and choose another type of dessert.
Peach shortcake was the dessert of choice for my birthday this year!

2. Before company comes, I straighten up the house a bit.

3. I would live without getting Alzheimer's if possible.  This is a concern for me, because my Mom was diagnosed with late onset Alzheimer's just a few years ago.

4. I speak English, but wish I could speak Spanish fluently.  I took Spanish in high school and a little in college, but did not ever become fluent in it, and after so many years of not using it, I just remember a few words and phrases.

Feeling Beachie


  1. I am sorry about your Mom and you having to see her go through that. That birthday dessert looks good.

    1. I'm actually glad that I live fairly close so I can be around my Mom at this time to try to reassure her at times. Thanks for visiting my site. The birthday dessert was very good!

  2. Replies
    1. It was very late onset, so the situation certainly could have been much worse, had she had these difficulties earlier.