Friday, October 23, 2015

Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Week 235

This is a fill-in the blanks kind of post that I am linking up to at Hilary's Friday Four Fill-in Fun Week 235.  This week the co-hostess for this blog hop is Pam from Trooppetries Mcguffey's Reader.  As you read my responses you might consider how you might want to fill in the blanks.  By clicking on the link you can read how others responded.

My answers are underscored.

1.  Have you ever gone out of state by train? Yes.  Due to the flooding of some areas along the railroad tracks in southern California, the passengers had to get off the train and be bussed to their destinations or to the next train station where they would be able to complete their journeys.

2.  Growing up summer meant the summer between high school graduation and entering college, because that was the first job I had working in an office.  (Before that I'd just picked berries and beans in the fields and worked in the cannery.)  I was able to get a job as dental office receptionist, but I also learned how to develop the x-rays, and learned how to do some dental assisting.  The regular receptionist was on vacation that summer.

3.  The weather outside is getting cooler.  The heater in the car kicked on this morning because the thermometer showed that it was 45 degrees outside.  The highs for this week are in the upper 60's and the lows are in the mid 40's.  We haven't had many days with hard rains yet.

4.  My favorite teacher taught me what a caring teacher might do.  I actually wrote a post a while back about some of my teachers.  Click here to read more.

Feeling Beachie


  1. Nice answers. My hubby and I took the train from Springfield, MA to Washington DC. It was a nice way to travel.

    1. I think that would be a wonderful trip. I've never been to Washington DC, but I have been to Worcester and Boston and whatever towns were between the two.

  2. I've never traveled between states by train

    1. I would imagine with your work, traveling by train would take too much time. I think when I took the train it was because having to pay for a plane ticket on such short notice was prohibitive.