Sunday, October 4, 2015

Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Week 233

My post is being linked to Hilary Grossman's Friday Four Fill-in Fun Week 233 blog hop.  Uma Kayla from Book Lover in FL is the co-host this week.  My fill-in responses are underscored.

1.  Did you sing in the car this past week?  I did!  They were playing songs from the 40's.

2.  General Conference is always inspirational.

3.  The TV show(s) that inspire me (is/are) my all time favorite(s) because I love the warm-heart feeling I have when I watch them.

4.  I want to discover any record that reveals the names of my great great grandfather's parents.  In 1850 he was living in Roane Co., Tennessee with a quite a bit older woman with the same last name, but I don't have proof of the relationship, and other records so far haven't provided me with any hard evidence as to the names of his parents.  It seems to be a brick wall.

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