Sunday, October 4, 2015

Six Word Fridays - Orange

My post for this blog hop is in memory of my Mother-in-law who loved the color orange.  I'm linking my post to Adrienne's Six Word Fridays - Orange.  In this post each line only has six words.

Oh, to plant some orange renunculuses

Orange was everywhere in their home,
curtains and potholders with orange trim,
pillows with orange and brown fringe,
and colorful afghans that matched them.

She wished she could grow flowers
that could stand the winter cold
perhaps some orange ranunculuses, but they
required warmer climate she was told.

Instead she planted what would survive
making sure as much she could
there would be some bright blossoms
alongside their house of stained wood.  


  1. The orange ranunculus is stunning amidst the pansies! I totally get why you would want to grow flowers that could withstand winter cold. ME TOO! (I live north of Toronto.)

    1. Thanks for visiting my site. I've never been in that part of Canada, but I'm sure your winters are colder than ours.