Thursday, August 20, 2015

Six Word Fridays - Nut

This post links up to the blog hop Six Word Fridays - Nut.  Go to the link to see what others have shared for their post.  Each line of the post must have exactly six words.  It doesn't matter how many lines you have or how many syllables, just exactly six words in each line.



A massive oak dropped an acorn.
A squirrel saw where it lay.
He nimbly ran to get it.
He saved it for another day.
A jay saw it be buried.
The squirrel used his little feet.
For now, the nut is hidden.
Thanks, to this agile squirrel athlete.
The nut sprouted and started growing.
It couldn't wait to be found.
It was to become an oak.
Its height and girth would astound.

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