Friday, August 21, 2015

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun - Week 227

This is a blog hop post for Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun - Week 227.  Each week there are four fill-in questions/statements to consider and fill in.  Hilary at is the host.  The questions this week are provided by Elizabeth from Silver's Book Reviews and is the co-host.


1.  Do you ever _______________________________________________________________?

2.  Why would I ______________________________________________________________ ?

3.  Creating ________________________ is________________________________________

4.  I think that more people ______________________________________________________

My answers

1.  Do you ever eat leftover cold pizza for breakfast?

Pizza (public domain image)

2.  Why would I think worse of you for what some would perceive as a weakness when I have my own weaknesses?

3.  Creating tiny embroidery stitches is extremely difficult for me to do.

Embroidery done by my Mom done probably between 1935-1943

4.  I think that more people could experience happiness if they would be willing to freely forgive, with no expectations from the offending person.

How would you fill in the blanks?


  1. I haven't had cold pizza for breakfast but I had heated up pizza for breakfast!

  2. Great answers and I am impressed with your embroidery work.

    1. My mother did a lot a embroidery work. This is a piece that she did. What embroidery work I have done never seemed to match her skill level, but perhaps if I'd pursued a little longer, I could have gotten to that point. Sometimes it is easy to want to reach perfection to soon.