Saturday, November 21, 2015

Six Sentence Stories - Division

This brief story may be an indication of where my thoughts or lack of thoughts are at this time.  I'm linking this post to Ivy's Six Sentence Stories - Division.

At what point does the mind decide it is no longer going to keep adding memories?  On some occasions instead of adding a single memory of an event, there are multiple thoughts that get embedded in the brain to be recalled off and on for years.  For a great many people, somewhere in the later stages of aging, the memories of new experiences fail to linger as long in one's thoughts.  No longer are multiple memories associated with what happened in the recent past.  Is there a time for each person's body to have its own house cleaning or hard drive cleaned?  Is it somehow best for certain people to have that great division of their thoughts before leaving this existence and entering the next and somehow being rewired?


  1. Really good questions. It would be great if it was so that we wouldn't have anxiety or resentment that come with some lingering thoughts but thats not the truth for most people with severe or even slight memory loss... I guess we arent yet meant to know the reasons.

    1. Thank you. I realize that we aren't meant to know the reasons, although scientifically there seem to be answers forthcoming. I believe we really aren't meant to live forever in the state of existence we are in now, so I realize we will all have to die from one cause or another and some point or another. With the advances of science, there are more and more cures and treatments being found for just about everything, making it possible for people to live longer. The question is, do we really want to do that, especially if we reach the point of needing to be cared for by others.