Thursday, November 5, 2015

Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Week 236

This week I am co-hosting for this blog hop with Hilary at Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Week 236.
For a reminder on how this works, each week there are four sentences with blanks in them.  Just fill in the blanks and post the sentences on your blog and link up to join the blog up at either Hilary's or at the site of the co-host for that week.

My fill-in answers are in bold print.

1.  I think marionberry pie ala mode is so tasty.

2.  Sometimes I think about what life might have been like for my ancestors and what it will be like for my descendants.

3.  Deep breathing sometimes keeps me feeling calm.

4.  I got over a time of feeling angry by praying for the ability and desire to forgive.

Feeling Beachie


  1. I have never heard of marionberry pie

    1. Over half of the blackberries produced in Oregon are marionberries. They make very delicious pies. It is a cultivar with its beginnings at Oregon State University.

  2. Great answers, especially number 4. And you already answered my question about marionberries- very interesting.

    1. Oh, the lessons one learns from experience.