Sunday, July 19, 2015

Prompt 49 - Set the Challenge Sunday #7: Phrase Let Go

For the piece of personal history, I am linking to Prompt 49 - Set the Challenge Sunday #7: Phrase Let Go.

Letting go has been something that has taken many different forms in my life.   Here is one of the earlier ones I recall.  Later "letting go" experiences were much more difficult.

To let go should have been easy, but the whole idea of what I needed to do scared me to the point my fingers seemed like they were glued to the tree branch.  Being about nine or ten at the time, and prone to wanting to be accepted by others, when a group of friends suggested climbing up a tree and sitting on a lower branch big enough to hold about four of us, I went along with the idea.  I was the last one to climb onto the branch, sit down and join the conversation---well mostly listen as was my tendency then.

After a while everyone seemed to tire of sitting on the branch and began to jump down, but when I was the only one left sitting on the branch, I couldn't move because "down" looked much further than "up" had appeared.  No amount of encouraging words helped and soon the words turned into yelling commands like, "Come on.  Jump!'  With a disgusted look on his face, one of the older kids in the group, a boy, agreed to help me down, much to my embarrassment.

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