Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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Wonderful Memories of Flowers of Childhood

Memories can be a wonderful thing that sometimes motivates one to follow in paths others have trod. Sometimes, it is hindsight that indicates where that seed to do something was started.   

As I have looked at the photos I've taken of flowers we've grown on our place, I am reminded of how many of them were like ones my parents had growing in their yard, many of which I spent time watering or weeding.  While I admit that there were times I really didn't feel like weeding an entire row of roses, I enjoyed looking back and seeing how much I had accomplished. There was never a lack of manure for the flowers since the farm animals did their part to contribute to that.   I got to help spread the dry manure around the flowers and make sure the plants were well watered afterwards so they didn't get burned.  

Flowers I remember seeing blooming in the yard when I was young and being taught some of my first lessons in gardening, included the following:  zinnias, marigolds, bachelor buttons, sweet william, violets, sweet peas, bleeding hearts, snowball bush, canna lilies, lavender, roses, dahlias, hollyhocks, and day lilies.

Bleeding hearts

Snowball bush



Day lily

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