Thursday, July 2, 2015

Haiku: Evening primrose

This week we spent a little time on the coast which gave us a bit of relief from the heat wave we are having in the northwest.  While driving up and down the coast, I noticed a lot of yellow flowers blooming along the roads.  Later I was able to inquire about the name of these flowers and was told that they were yellow evening primroses and that they were on the verge of becoming invasive.

I'm posting my photo and my attempt at writing the haiku posted here.

Tossed by ocean breeze
Yellow evening primroses
Nodding to and fro.


  1. Very nice, Mom! (Except, of course, the "becoming invasive" part.)

    1. I know. I was thinking that these flowers were so pretty, until I was told that they were becoming invasive. Then I thought, oh no, another invasive yellow flower, i.e. Scotch Broom!