Saturday, January 25, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

As the weeks roll around with all the ups and downs that life brings to everyone, it is my firm belief that remembering to watch for the good that is happening, taking time to learn from the lives of others as well as from the lessons we are given strengthens us. That is why I am here. . .again to link up to Ten Things of Thankful hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me.


1. For being able to watch an inspiring movie called Touch of the Light which is based on the true story of a blind prodigy pianist from a rural village in China 

2. For the Good Life Project podcast

3. For being able to spend most of the day at the temple one day this week

4. For the song - What a Wonderful World

5. For the cheerful toddler who waved at me and said "Bye" as I was leaving the store with my groceries

6. For my husband discovering the real reason for my near mishap when lowering the deck of our treadmill earlier in the month 
(It was caused by user error. . .mine! I thought the treadmill had a broken mechanism, but in reality, most likely because of my lingering right shoulder/arm weakness, I am just not strong enough to lower the deck by myself anymore. I’m glad he discovered that before a repairman came to replace something that didn't need to be replaced.)

7. For being able to watch the televised proceedings of the impeachment hearings
(It is good to watch and hear for oneself rather than just depending completely on whatever the news stations report.)

8. For a daily email that awaits me when I wake up each morning that includes a scripture, an uplifting quotation and a short inspiring video
(It is a great way to begin the day.)

9 For being able to screen phone calls, especially on days like today when we received so many spam calls
(I did have to laugh when I heard for the umpteenth time another message being left by a Social Security spam which ends every message with “Have a blessed day.”)

10. For how easy it is to discover things we have in common with other people, a knowledge that becomes apparent through conversations

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  1. I get (like every one else) those robo-calls from 'Rachel from card services' or one of the other. For the most part, I simply don't answer, trusting those who were calling (but were not in my phone) to leave a message.
    Sometimes I get in a mood and answer it... and press 1 or 9 or whatever and then I just put the phone down. I figure every one appreciates a break when they're working hard at their jobs and the human telemarketer is no different.
    Have a good week.

    1. I suspect that many of the spam calls we get are generated by robots. We just don't answer any calls unless we recognize the number or the name. Apparently the robots don't work on Sunday, as we haven't a single span call today. 😀

  2. Those calls...if there is a 919 Area Code I feel like I have to answer in case it's a doctor I don't have in my phone. Isn't it nice to have ways to start days off on the right foot?! I signed up to do a podcast and hope to be on air soon! Wheeee!! Have a blessed week!!

    1. Yes. Being able to start the day off right is what works for me. Are you being interviewed on a podcast, or are you creating your own podcast? Either way that is exciting. I would love to listen.

  3. This is a great list. I am checking the podcast.
    My spam calls went down when I started using Robokiller app on my phone. I still get "theatened" of being taken to court about twice a month due to "taxes owed." My fear is someone might fall prey to this evil beings. Oh well, have a blessed day! :)

    1. Thanks, Carin.
      That is my fear too, that someone will fall prey to those threatening phone calls.

  4. I get so many of those spammy calls. I rarely make the mistake of answering them, but they still leave a voicemail message. I don't think any of them have told me to have a blessed day, though. That's funny!

    1. Having that closing remark was a new one here too.