Saturday, February 1, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

When it comes to items of gratitude, I suppose there are as many different ways of determining what they are as there are people considering the matter. How one views the world and those in it certainly has some impact. The interplay between the then and now pertaining to our experiences can bring to light things that may still be too abstract to put into words, let alone to see what there is to be thankful about, but that is okay. With time it will become apparent and then you will be able to think it, write it, and/or share it. 

Kristi of Thankful Me hosts this weekly Ten Things of Thankful blog hop where I link my post each week. I am thankful for her encouragement to participate as often as possible.

1. We have had some heavy rain storms this week which have caused boulders and hillsides to dislodge and roll on to highways. What a scary thing for a driver to experience! Fortunately those in the vehicle survived.

2. Closer to home there was some mud that begin to flow on a nearby hill when springs erupted from underground. Thankfully, a neighbor had access to equipment to clean up the mess on our lane the best he could and to put bales of straw on the hillside to help curb the mud flow should February bring more heavy rain.

Mud flow

3. It was nice to be able to get to the bottom of our land line phone problem thanks to the repairman who came the next day after I called to report the problem. I wish I had called a little sooner, but I thought perhaps the problem was due to our old cordless phone, plus the problem we were experiencing was intermittent. We had also considered the problem was due to the phone company itself. The issue had to do with one of the two wires in the outside underground line. I guess after 40 years wires sometimes need to be replaced, and at no cost to us. Yeah! One wire still works, but a work order has been placed to replace both wires.

4. In January I accepted an invitation to participate in a book club. I have done this before, but not recently. This week we discussed Dear Mrs. Bird. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the book, usually done as I walked on the treadmill. I think I was the only one at the Book Club meeting who was actually born during WW II, the setting when the story took place. The discussion brought up many points to consider. It was an enjoyable evening.

5. Having plenty of time to read the book for the next book club meeting is just what I need, and within a couple of days, we knew the title of our next read!

6. Expandable file folders are just the ticket for what to do with all those papers we need to keep track of as we prepare our tax returns. I am thankful for them. Sometimes I am able to find used ones at thrift stores, but this year I didn't spend much time looking and just bought some new ones. Next year I should have an assortment of my own that I will be recycling here at home for future use. (That project was one that didn't get done this past year.)

7. Picking up a pizza is a simple quick meal, but this week I was thinking about the little pizzas I used to make by using English muffins, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham slices, and pineapple slices, and before you know we had little pizzas ready to eat.

8. I am always thankful for a night of restful sleep.

9. Today I learned that there is a Facebook page that is just for those who are descendants of some of my ancestors. What a fun discovery! And speaking of ancestors and their descendants, a couple of months back I learned that the daughter of one of my second cousins was starting a blog. Is blogging in our DNA? 😀

10. I am thankful that we live so close to a national wildlife refuge where my husband can go take great photos of birds and occasionally a mammal or two. This is something that brings him a lot of joy. 
Sometimes I feel like we live in a wildlife refuge for as many times as they take refuge here and for all the times I try to capture a photo while they look for something to eat.

A three-point deer also known as lawn mower

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  1. I put Dear Mrs. Bird on my library request list! Thank you! I love expandable file folders! My best friend lives in the Smoky Mountain area and has loved being able to capture some beautiful pictures. The bear sightings are plentiful.

    1. I hope you enjoy the book.
      I have never been to the Smoky Mountain area, but from pictures I have seen, I know I would really enjoy seeing that part of the states.

  2. What a beautiful picture. It’s like a painting. I smiled at number 9.
    I belong to some virtual book clubs and I am enjoying the books and reading about what others think about them. Makes me feel I am not alone reading.

    1. Glad you enjoyed seeing the photo.
      I was not familiar with virtual book clubs. I'll have to read a little about them.

  3. funny thing about your last photo, we have pine woods on three sides and plenty of deer, but rarely do we see them with antlers... mostly the Bambi and her mom type*

    Have a good week.

    *sorry for the technical zoological terminology.

    1. We use to see more of the Bambi and her mom type but now the dads seem to be more out in the open and wanting to claim their herds. Just need to keep your distance certain times of the year.

  4. You know what happens when relatives start blogs, right? You invite them to the TToT! Send her our way! :-) (Also, you should pm the link to that FB page.)

    1. Right! It is kind of catching. I think I did mention the blog hop at some point.