Saturday, February 15, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

Is it possible to express gratitude in some way each and every day,  even when there are disastrous things happening throughout the world and challenging things occurring to those you know and love? Some would say, Absolutely not! Others might say, Why should I at a time like this? The Ten Things of Thankful blog hop is a place to at least give it a try once a week and see what a difference it makes in your life over time. Kristi of Thankful Me is the host. Click the link of Ten Things of Thankful to read the expectations of participants in this blog hop, and then join in.

1. Realizing that the book I pulled off my shelf to read for no reason, one I perhaps hadn’t read in its entirety ever, turns out to be exactly what I needed to read
When I received a text asking if I could sub in a Sunday School class this Sunday, I realized after reading the lesson that the book I’d started reading the day before was exactly what I needed for my added understanding of the subject. I don’t think this was an accident.

2. Caring people and those who step up to bat when there is a need even when it may not be convenient

3. Being able to quickly realize why I experienced sudden pain at the corner of my eye and vowing not to ever allow that to happen again
I’d applied some over-the-counter pain medication on the back of my neck. The directions said to wash one’s hand after applying the medication, so I did. We had a guest soon afterwards, and as we were talking, I rubbed the back of my neck to relieve some discomfort, and then I rubbed the corner of my eye. As soon as I did that, I felt intense hot pain in that area of my eye. It took me a minute or so to realize that I should not have rubbed my neck where the medicine was and then touched the area of my eye! After googling, I found out that 15 minutes of flushing my eye with warm water would give me the relief I was wanting. Word of warning: medicine which has a component of chili peppers in it should NOT EVER touch the eyes AND read the warnings on the box first.

4. Seeing benefits of working Sudoku puzzles
After finishing working on some tax preparation papers, I told my husband that some of what I’d been doing reminded me of working Sudoku puzzles such making sure the numbers were in the right little boxes.

5. Classical music playing in the background while studying or doing anything that requires high concentration

6. Some sunshine poking through the clouds and rain that was falling most of the week
The solar panels have missed you.

7. NWS and TripCheck so those traveling know when it is best to return home sooner rather than later and not get caught in the impending snowstorm in the mountains

8. Mostly bare pavement on the roads where my husband traveled homeward bound today
I am so glad that he is home safe and sound.

9. The moments in time that we remember because of what we learned either in that instant, or in retrospect

10. Being able to finish what I start, and continuing to work toward completion of those things that are not finished, but recognizing that some things need to be put on the back burner at times to address more important things that arise

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  1. Funny thing about #3*
    Pain and bad things are not fun, but for me, instant relief (or, more precisely, a damper on runaway 'oh my god, what is this') is found when a reason is found. Doesn't make the original pain go away, but is way better than having the .... uh oh running wild.
    Have a good week.

    *not 'ha ha' funny, more wryly, bemused funny

    1. Exactly! My mind was already thinking along a different track. What a relief it was to know that the cause was just a little chili pepper.

  2. "Don't put chili peppers in your eye" sounds like a pretty good rule. :-) Glad you are feeling better.
    "The solar panels have missed you" made me smile.
    Have a good week! I'm getting excited for RootsTech!

    1. Sounds like the name of a book! HaHa
      If solar panels could smile, they would have been smiling all morning today. We awoke to a sunny morning.
      I'm beginning to take a look at the options for classes.🙄

  3. Great week despite chili peppered eyes! I've a pain cream I have to be careful with and it can be strategically an issue.

    1. I have used a number of topical pain medications, so I really should have known better. It does make me wonder if there could be adverse reactions from topical meds, that didn't cause a stinging reaction, if it accidentally had contact near the eyes.