Saturday, February 22, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

Are you feeling thankful? If so, that makes two of us, and probably a lot more just keeping it to themselves. Sharing a bit of good in this world sometimes is all that is needed to brighten the days of others or bring momentary smiles to their faces.

I am linking this post to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me.

1. An aha moment
Read my Six Sentence Story post for this week for what the aha moment was. 

2. Discovering descendants I didn’t know and learning that the name of one descendant was called by his family by a name other than his own given name or what would have been considered the usual nickname of his given name
I knew a couple (now deceased) had a child (also now deceased) because of some notes I’d taken years ago when talking to relatives to learn more about the extended family. The name of the child supposedly was Pete, but nothing in existing records showed they had a child by that name. The only child we could find was a child by the name of Ross and his middle name wasn’t Pete. It wasn’t until I reflected on some names closer to home that I realized that something similar had taken place in this family.

3. Washing machines
I am thankful that wringer washing machines are a thing of the past, especially since our washer has been kept very busy today.

4. The call from an accountant saying the return was finished

5. Lots of helping hands to set up chairs, tables and decorations for a dinner at church

6. A speed-friendshipping activity for the women’s group at church
In this mobile society in which we live, families move into areas and perhaps a few years later are transferred or move for other reasons. The organizations to which they belong fluctuate with the changing memberships.  A quick and fun way to learn about one another is through having a speed-friendshipping activity. Sometimes even the old timers learn something new about someone they have known for years, because life never stays still.

7. A good report on my field of vision test
Six months ago my ophthalmologist told me to come back in six months for another field of vision test. Normally I only go see him once a year. Although I hadn’t noticed any changes during the past six months, I wasn’t sure what the test would show.

8. A last minute invitation to a concert this afternoon
Although we were not able to accept, it was nice to have been considered.

9. Crocuses in bloom
I was glad to see some of them blooming even though it was just for a day. Apparently they are fodder for the deer this year. Here today, gone tomorrow, or sooner.

Purple crocuses being outnumbered by remnants of future maple trees

10. Vic and our family, near and far

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  1. Number Seven, totally a grat to make a list.
    Funny about how writing changes the world in a simple, if not difficult ways to notice. While not drawn to genealogy as a standalone activity, reading about the things you have learned helps me be better able to organize in my head, the relationships of the characters in my stories.
    Thanks! (lol)
    Have an excellent week.

  2. I'm glad you figured out who Pete was, too! That was quite the mystery!

  3. Wonderful thankfuls and especially health yays!!

  4. How exciting to see crocuses already! I've seen some daffodil shoots in my yard, and that gives me hope!
    I had a great uncle named Rob that I didn't know was really Ed until I was an adult. The family gave him the nickname because he was a chubby child and there was some man they knew named Rob who was very large, so they teased my great uncle by calling him that man's name and it stuck. They did the same thing to one of his sister's, who they called Chub instead of Georgia, but at least I knew Chub was a nickname (the family had quite a cruel streak, as you can see).
    I remember when my great aunt had a wringer washer, just barely. I was probably 6 when she got an automatic washer and dryer.