Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

What a fantastic week away, but now I am back and able to link my post to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me. I'm looking forward to reading what the rest of the bloggers shared. I'm sure their comments are going to remind me of other things for which I feel much gratitude, but didn't rise to the top of the list this week. We probably have all felt that, "Oh yeah. . . that too," moment as we have read the top 10 of others.

1. A large stuffed alpaca that a granddaughter gave me because she just knew I would love it , and I do! 
It was waiting for me in the room where I stayed at my daughter’s house one night before our RootsTech adventure.

A stuffed alpaca greeting me

2. After a week of walking to and from classes at RootsTech I racked up probably the most steps I’ve ever had for a week. WooHoo!

3. Being able to meet some people at RootsTech who are distantly related to me
Thanks to a feature on the FamilyTree app and the RootsTech app, I was able to see a list of other attendees who might be related to me. A quick text was all that was needed to arrange a time to meet. (Note: The FamilyTree app works in settings where others in the room have the FamilyTree app and are logged in. Click the link to learn more.)

4. History shared through photos, recordings, written stories, memories
I learned so much about different ways to approach these tasks from the presenters in the classes and felt inspired by the words of the keynote speakers. There are so many different kinds of family history activities and they can involve people of every age, interest, and skill level. It would be great to find a slide we may have when Kristi and I were in this place for the first time and show a comparison. We were way younger.🙂

Did you have an ancestor that
did faux marble painting on pine
columns like these in the Salt
Lake Tabernacle? 

5. That the snowstorm waited until the day after RootsTech ended so I didn’t have traipse through slippery conditions from the hotel to the Salt Palace Convention Center

6. The feel of coming home, of being home and being with your other half again and celebrating by going to a restaurant that has been in the area since 1974, and we just went there for the very first time!
It is unbelievable that we could have missed this treasure all these years. We will be going there again when we want to eat Italian food.

7. Beautiful wild plum blossoms and daffodils in bloom that the deer do not eat

Wild plum tree in bloom

The deer do not eat these daffodils
8. The railing is going up!
This is a good thing. Our family will be less likely to worry about where we are walking. 

The beginnings of a railing

9. We switched to a phone service that uses fiber optic lines.

10. That our son’s non-vacation trip to another country was cancelled because of the coronavirus outbreaks in the country
Although our children are grown and have been for many years, a parent can’t help but be a little concerned when one of their children may be in harm's way. 

Hope you have a great week!
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  1. Awesome that you got to go to Roots Tech and have an alpaca to cuddle! Lovely thankfuls!

    1. Roots Tech was such an education and an inspiration.

  2. I'm glad the railing is up and the risk associated from a fall is way down!