Friday, March 27, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

As I have considered the events of this week, my eyes turned to the scripture at the top of my blog banner. In the past as I have read Ecclesiastes 3 and have thought of the various phrases, in my mind the commas represented a period of time, time to catch one’s breath, or heal, or time to grasp the magnitude of an event, etc. I thought as the time being in weeks, months, or even years in some instances.

Lately I am seeing more clearing that the commas are more like a gasp that leads me to question my emotional flexibility where one is able to express happiness and really feel it when someone is having one their happiest moments ever, but fifteen minutes later be mourning with someone over the loss of their loved one from COVID-19. Is that what it means to be able to live in the moment? Perhaps. 

So as I share this post of Ten Things of Thankful, I hope that you will understand that these are just moments remembered. Thanks, Kristi of Thankful Me for hosting the Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop and for fellow co-hosts.

1. Blue skies with big fluffy white clouds to break up the week otherwise filled with skies resembling the kind that winter brings

Blue sky dotted with white cumulous-like clouds

2. Phone calls made and received that bring laughter about humorous situations as well as those calls that bring a deeper understanding of what others might be suffering

3. The attempts of people from all walks of life to reach out to help in whatever way they can to help

4. The huge outpouring of volunteers who lined up to get packets of materials to sew masks for the hospital

5. Comfort food

6. Exercising by dancing by myself to some music reminiscent of some that was played when I was in high school all the while fixing dinner one night (sorry no photos here - HaHa)

7. The return of the resident lizards

An adult fence lizard (if only it could do a little weeding)

8. The return of half the herd of deer who had been missing for a week, perhaps “sheltering in place”

9. Music that brings back memories of concerts in which one of our daughters participated 

10. A Zoom conference arranged by our son so we could have some face-to-face time with him and his sisters 

11. Vic for being here with me 
I realize he doesn’t have much choice in the matter considering that we need to stay home except for shopping for essential items (groceries and prescriptions) but I am thankful he is here.

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  1. All splendid things, things which will help during this time. Thank you, your list made me smile.

  2. Yesterday I saw a rabbit while I was on my walk. Later that morning, as I was driving to do my civic duty to pick up some restaurant food (curbside delivery, of course), a young (deer) buck was hopping down the road. On the way home, I saw about 1/2 dozen more deer. Maybe with all the people inside, the wildlife has decided to reclaim the city?

    1. Oh, that is so funny. Before you know those deer will be adding their own crossing signs.
      I might have to try doing some civic duty next week. We haven't tried that yet.

  3. A very nice TToT. Which (to me) means to note the ways we are able to make adjustments to new trials and challenges while remembering to appreciate the things that are in our worlds that can offer new ways of dealing with a very.... interesting world.
    Have a good week.

  4. Hi Pat...I have been trying to comment with no luck but I think I have itnow!!!

    Im jealous of your lizards btw!

  5. Lovely list! Deer sheltering in place...giggles

  6. That is one fat lizard! Love Vivaldi - walked down the aisle to his music. I was on my first Zoom call this week with my co-workers. It was fun! We are going to do them once a week until we finally go back to work. I'm taking a little TOO much comfort in comfort food right now. Need to stop before it gets out of hand. We have only just begun sheltering in place, and I need to know that I will fit out the door again when we get the all clear!