Sunday, July 1, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

For those living in the USA, this is the weekend leading up to Independence Day, or July 4. Some people are already gathering with family and friends to celebrate and remember the date our nation was declared an independent nation. This has been a wonderful week in many ways and has caused me to reflect and to be grateful. Check out Kristi's Ten Things of Thankful site to see what others are linking to this blog hop.

1. Faith of the forefathers of this nation. They sacrificed so much to establish this nation.

2. Fresh corn on the cob. Somehow I associate eating corn on the cob with July 4th! This week I bought some that was a new variety for us to try, even though I didn't realize that when I bought several ears at the grocery store. Imagine my surprise when I husked them and found that the kernels were dark to very pale yellow. 

3. Many hands make light work. John Heywood, an English writer, collected proverbs, and this is one that he included in The Proverbs and Epigrams of John Heywood. This week a group of women from church came to tackle some much needed weeding in one of our shrub beds. A few brought their children along to help.  The weeding has gotten away from me for several reasons these past few years. Their service to us certainly lifted my spirit.

How this part of the shrub bed looked
 before the weeding
How the same part of the shrub bed looked
after the weeding

4. The creativity, strength and energy of youth.

Gardening chopstick style to move stump.
5. Potential fruit yield.

Wild Himalayan blackberries


Wild Cascade blackberries


6. Those who share their time, talents and means to minister to the needs and wishes of others. Besides the huge weeding that was done in our shrub bed, a neighbor took time to pick some fresh garden produce for us.

7. Cloud formations. I saw these unusual clouds today.

I think these are lenticular clouds.

8. Talented musicians. I only recently discovered this gifted artist, Jamie Dupuis, who plays an 18 string harp guitar. There is a lot of his work on youtube. Enjoy.

9. Energy. I am thankful for those days when I seem to have more energy and it is only on those days that I become aware of how much that has been lacking on some of the other days. It feels so good to have the old me back when the energy is there!

10. My husband and our family. My heart is tied to theirs.  


  1. What a blessing that they came to help with your garden. Your list of thankfuls was a blessing to me!

    1. That my list was a blessing to you is wonderful.

  2. Very nice 'before and after' photos.... very impressive amount of work it must have been!
    (cool clouds)
    I think we have blueberry plants in a section of our property, but they (the bushes) aren't more than 6 inches tall and the berries are kinda like blue beebees... I think the birds like them.
    Finally getting some proper Summer temperatures, in the 90s. I am enjoying it immensely.

    1. There was a lot of work done that day!
      Could it be that the berries you have are some kind of huckleberry plants. I know that there is one type of huckleberry that is a ground cover and the huckleberries tend to be smaller than blueberries.
      After all the cooler weather, summer must feel really good to you.

  3. I love corn on the cob except it no longer loves me lol. I have eaten the "variegated" corn. Very tasty.
    Listening to the music video as I write. Yes, he is talented. Beautiful.
    That's wonderful you had help with the shrub bed. Weeding can be a very arduous task! But nothing a few young bodies can't handle :D Looks good!
    Would love one day to have a garden with all my favorites berries. Nice. As is the picture. Those are cool clouds.
    Here's to more energy!!

    1. Thanks, Denise. Weeds can be killed with different by herbicides, but we have avoided using them, hence we have never had the picture perfect looking yard. Subduing the beast (weeds) gives one a great sense of accomplishment!
      A boost of energy received. :-)

  4. We ate corn on the cob yesterday, too. The berries look so yummy. I'm glad you had help with the weeding; the shrub bed looks great!

    1. We don't have a large crop of blueberries this year. The birds seem to be enjoying them more than usual. I guess they are trying to keep me from doing too much. :-)
      Oh, the shrub bed looks sooooo much better than it did.