Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

Here are my summer thankfuls to be shared with you my readers who are arriving from the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Kristi of Thankful Me. Of course others are welcome to peruse my list as well. I encourage as many as possible to enter this weekly blog hop and reap the joy that comes from remembering all that was good about your past week. Even though you no doubt may have had a few struggles during the week, with a little effort you may be able to see the blessings too. I hope so.

1. Celebrating my husband's birthday by eating at a local seafood restaurant. We both marvel that we are at the ages we are. How did that happen so quickly?

2. Getting a bid on having some yard work done. Yeah!

3. Learning how to make a pin wheel quilt block and committing to making ten of them for a special quilt to be giving to someone.

4. Teaching a lesson at church about forgiveness. This is a thankful, because the teacher often learns just as much as those being taught. I was able to teach without getting an annoying allergy related cough when I was speaking, and I'd been just a little concerned that I'd have some difficulty that way. Many class members participated by making comments and by reading scriptures and I think that is more enjoyable that having the teacher be the total center of attention.

5. Having a friend return safely after being gone for a few weeks of caregiving out of state.

6. Going on a trip to the coast to enjoy seeing nesting puffins on Haystack Rock, and also seeing many sea creatures in the tide pools around the rock. Many photographers were gathered there with their long lens cameras to take photos of the puffins. 

Haystack Rock where puffins were nesting
along with other birds high up on the rock. 

A sea anemone in a tide pool

7. Our children who are all adults and have been for many years.

8. Our grandchildren who are all adults except for three. Three of the young adults have just  completed high school and are in that stage where they want to be treated  as adults in many ways, but often still need some guidance from parents even if they are no longer living in the home of their parents.

9. Our great grandchildren and the one on the way.

10. He who makes my life complete, who does those little things that makes life easier for me, who surprises me with a little bowl of black berries he picked for me, or helps me rewrap my toe after a surgical procedure I had done yesterday. Whether it is the big things or the small things, he makes my life worthwhile and makes me feel special.


  1. Happy birthday to Dad!

    How long are the puffins expected to stay? (I assume they migrate there, or do they stay all year?)

    1. The puffins are most visible on Haystack Rock between April and early July.

  2. Good TToT list.

    (I try to remember that there are lessons in virtually everything I do, provided I am willing to allow the necessary shift in perspective to allow myself to see myself. or something like that... not always fun, but definitely always beneficial.)

    Cool coast line. We have nothing like that on the Eastern seaboard. I suspect thats because your coast is newer than ours.
    (Story I once heard told about Buckminster Fuller. He'd go to a promontory on the West Coast, ideally overlooking the Pacific, stand on one leg and extend both arms and free leg out behind himself. Trying to feel the motion of the rotating earth. Yeah, a little strange, but I kinda get it.)

    1. There are many promontory points on the West Coast with fascinating views allowing one to look for great distances up and down the coastline.

      Once again, without knowing it you have sent me on a search to see if I could discover what promontory Buckminster Fuller visited and tried his experiment. I can tell you that with the winds we sometimes get on the coast, I wouldn't want to try positioning my body in that manner on a high cliff. LOL

  3. I was a teacher, and I often feel I learned more from interaction with my students than perhaps they did from me.
    Puffins are amazing birds -- worth any thankful list!
    And, yes, how do we get to the ages we are? I seem to be aging by the decade not the year!

    1. The older one gets, the faster the years go by, and unfortunately the quicker the memories fade for some.

      Thanks for stopping by to read my post.