Saturday, July 21, 2018

Finish the Sentence Friday - Stream of Consciousness - My Bed

Although it is now Saturday, the Finish the Sentence Friday blog hop is still open, so I am linking my thoughts (a five minute stream of consciousness post on the cue given by Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee, our host, and Kenya J. Johnson of Sporadically Yours, our co-host). I appreciate their providing us with prompts each week. 

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Not everyone in this world is blessed to even be able to sleep on a bed, so I feel very grateful to have a bed.

Our fairly new (less than five-years old) firm queen-sized bed takes up about half of the bedroom. It allows me just enough space to walk beside the length of it and the wall. One side of my body touches the bed as I walk forward by it and the other side of my body is only 1-1/2" from the wall. The top of the mattress is high enough that my hand, if in a fist, touches the mattress when I am standing. At this height I am able to sit and rise from the bed easily. That is especially important for me these days. The bed is elevated at the head which is better for both my husband and myself.

We find this bed to be just right for us. The head of the bed is centered under a window, which allows us to feel a cool breeze if we open it on hot summer nights. We both enjoy the light weight of a down-filled duvet that covers the bed. In the summers we just fold it down by our feet, but it is still there to pull up for those cooler mornings.

It has been a place for us to be close to one another, to relax, to heal, to read, to sleep, to dream, to listen, to talk, to remember, and sometimes to plan. Mostly it has been a place rest and sleep.


  1. I like that you reminded your readers that not everybody has a bed to lie down in each night - that's important when thinking about the sentiments we give our possessions. Sometimes, I think the conversations had while our heads are on pillows are the best ones. Great ideas, a calm that soothes.

    1. Thanks, Kristi.
      I know when I see photos of people sleeping in horrific settings, I hurt for them and the situations that they are in.
      Conversations with our heads on pillows are indeed some of the best.

  2. The ideal arrangement for our room would be to have the bed under the window but it was too cold on our heads in the winter. We've gotten new windows since it was last arranged that way, so maybe we should try it again. The other thing is the way that it is now, my husbands shoes lined up against the wall isn't seen until you get to his side of the bed. I guess I rather keep the shoes out of sight. We also have our comforter folded down at the bottom of the bed. I just got had it dry cleaned a week ago because we definitely wouldn't miss it.

    1. It is funny how accustomed we become to certain ways of doing things, like shoes lining up in a certain way. I am the same way, not that I always achieve that. LOL