Saturday, July 14, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

The interesting thing about reading the posts written for the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop is the variety of items mentioned each week by the other participants. It not only does me good to write my own thoughts on this subject, but it is helpful for me to read what others share. Be sure to click the link that will take you to Kristi's site. She is our host who spurs us on each week, but actually she just gives us a gentle reminder and plenty of time to link up. We have from Friday to Tuesday to link up, in case our weekends don't allow much writing time.

1. Pureed food. When I was a baby, I was told that the first food I had other than milk was pablum. The amount of water or milk that was mixed with it determined its consistency. Depending on one's state of health, it may become necessary to eat pureed food, which in many ways has the viscosity of pablum. I am thankful for the kitchen staff at the nursing home where mom is living, because they puree the food for her to eat. The food prepared this way is much easier for her to swallow than the mechanical soft diet she had been eating. (Note: Sometimes people with Alzheimer's reach a point where they don't realize they are hungry and they forget how to chew and how to swallow.)

2. Documentaries. My husband and I went to see a documentary about the life of Mr. Rogers this week. I have only positive memories about the influence of the Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood television show upon young children. It is impossible to watch this show without wishing there was another Mr. Rogers spreading goodness on TV and in the world.

3. The joy that families feel when they see each other again after a separation.  

4. Tests that individuals can take and then know of steps they can take to avoid the escalation of disease. We are fortunate to live in a day and age when this is possible.

5. The person who cut my hair this week and cut it just how I wanted it even though I was terrible describing the style. I have her card, so I will be asking for her next time.

6. Spotted fawns. Who doesn't enjoy seeing little spotted twin fawns in their yard?

7. Firefighters. The temperatures have shot up near 100 degrees this week, and so we have had forest fires in our state once again. This time there has been one at a very popular state park. I'm thankful those camping and hiking in the area were able to be evacuated safely.

8. Friendly husband and friendly hummingbirds.

Husband feeding a hummingbird

9. Early morning coolness before the heat of the day arrives. A cool breeze blowing through the curtains at the start of day is such welcome in the summertime.

10. Networks of family, friends, and friends of friends who can come to the aid of someone they don't even know. Someone I know had a need this week, and through the networks of many, a solution was found. I'm so grateful for not only these many networks, but for the means we have to quickly find solutions.


  1. Your husband feeds hummingbirds! Amazing! I didn't know that was possible. How cool is that :D
    I hope the fires are now under control. Fires are incredibly scary. I developed a new found respect for firefighters after living in Florida and having to evacuate because of fire.
    A great feeling isn't it, finding a stylist you like :)
    #10 - would that everyone had such a network. I'm glad your friend found they help they needed.

    1. The amazing thing is that the hummingbirds seem to recognize my husband as the one who brings them the syrup for the feeders. When I try to feed them in the manner shown in the photo it takes them a lot longer to come to me.
      That must have been very frightening to have had to evacuate because of a fire! I have never had that horrible experience.
      Yes, hats off to networks!

  2. Do straws work? It wouldn't help for the "forget to swallow" thing, but might be easier than a spoon.

    I want to see that movie. I thought about trying to see it last night, but knew that I would probably just fall asleep as soon as I sat down. Maybe this upcoming week!

    I heard about the fire (maybe you shared it on Facebook?) Anyway, I hope they get it under control soon. That was such a beautiful area!

    1. I wish straws worked for her, but they don't for a variety of reasons.

      Since the park is so big and even though the fire has actually increased in size, life is going on as usually in a large area of the park, including the falls. The firefighters are having a difficult time navigating the terrain where the fire is.

      I think you will enjoy the movie.

  3. Funny about deer. Most years we've had a small family of them. This year it seems only one, young (2 or 3 years old to guess) that comes to eat in the evenings and mornings (mostly around the apple tree.
    The hummingbird! I've seen them around, only fleetingly though.

    1. Apple trees are a real drawing card here for the deer, but they also come to drink water from the makeshift birdbath.
      Hummingbirds are attracted to certain plants, and of course a hummingbird feeder or two give them something around which to display their flying skills and as a reward some sips of the nectar (sugar water).

  4. Lovely fawns! Firefighters are true heroes.

    1. Glad you liked the fawns. Their markings are very interesting, in that there seems to be a couple of rows, one on either side of their spine.

      Fighting forest fires is a hard job and for the very fit.

  5. I like your number eight. Today it's not too hot here. Hope it stays that way the rest of the summer.


    I want to see that documentary. Heard how good it is. In these troubled times, it is nice to have something for good. I barely remember the show, but I know I liked it as a kid. I liked its quiet feel, compared to a lot of the children's programs out there. It was a part of my early childhood, for sure.

    1. I hope you get a chance to see the documentary. When we went to see it, it was after having had a very busy day. I was a little concerned about listening to such a calm voice when I was so tired. There was no fear of that, because I stayed fully awake throughout the movie.