Saturday, July 7, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

It is tee off time, even though I don't golf. I decided to make use of the letter "T" for this post at the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop moderated by Kristi of Thankful Me. She is the most recent moderator, having followed some amazing past moderators. She is the one who provides the link up and the encouragement to share those things for which we are thankful. By clicking on the link here you will be taken to her site where you can  click the links of others who are sharing this week. By the way, you don't have  to write 10 things each week. More or less is just fine. Even if you don't link up, I hope just reading some of the posts will put you in the mood of thankfulness. It is a great habit to embrace.

These are written in no particular order of importance.

1. Trimming. Whether it was trimming long runners on blackberry vines or trimming my Mom's fingernails, both brought a degree of accomplishment this week.

2. Tools. Having the right tools to do the job and having the strength to use them, or in some instances the strength of my husband to do the job. The following clip is a beautiful example of using a tool and working together as a team to create beautiful music. Note: My husband and I did not create music with our saw and the shovel.

3. Teamwork. Some jobs are just easier when there are two people, or more to do them. My husband and I worked together as a team in accomplishing several outdoor tasks this week. He did the harder part of the jobs, but what I did was just as needed. Although the picture below, titled Working in the Field, isn't one of my husband and I working together, it is an example of a father, or perhaps a grandfather, and boy working together. It reminds me of times when my father taught me how to  sow seeds, and how to harvest asparagus, etc.

Click here to see source.

4. Tractor. Having a small tractor was an important purchase we decided make many years ago, and to this day, we appreciate what we are able to do with it. We live on a little over three acres of land,  so yes, a tractor is helpful.

5. Trees. Having trees where we can take shelter from the hot sun and where we feel cool breezes which their limbs and leaves stir up
is a blessing.

6. Travel. Driving through farm lands to attend a function where we remembered and celebrated a friend who passed away a few months back; traveling through different areas of farmlands to make visits to see my mom in the nursing home.

Wheat fields almost ready to harvest

7. Twilight. The later twilight hours of summer are so beautiful and relaxing.

8. Talking with friends. Visiting and talking with a friend one evening when she stopped by after work. Although there have been some texts at different times, it has been a while since we've visited with each other in person.

9. Time. We are all given time, but deciding how we use our time is up to us. I'm thankful for the time I have, and for the challenge of using it wisely.

10. Tenacity. I saw this being shared on the internet this week. Little Maya Tisdale has so much tenacity, and the joy she expresses with her accomplishment is marvelous! Can you feel how much joy she is feeling at being able to walk by herself? May we all remember to be thankful for those things that may come so easily to us. This clip was shared on ABC News on July 4.



  1. A wonderful list, and i am especially glad you shared that last item!

    1. I love the last item too. I've watched it several times just to experience her joy all over again. :-)

  2. Very much agree with the importance of the right tool. It's interesting how we adapt to the tool, depending on it's condition. We have a wheel barrow that Phyllis's father gave us when we first got our house. It was something he had in the garage, all metal with red paint type. That was 27 years ago!! the barrow part (the metal tub that dirt goes into) is beginning to rust through, so I'm careful when filling it with dirt and such.

    1. Sometimes those older tools work better than some of the new ones. When your wheelbarrow gets completely worn out Phyllis could probably turn it into some kind of a planter. I've seen several used that way. Actually I've seen a lot of different pieces of farm equipment recycled into planters and such.