Thursday, June 28, 2018

Six Sentence Stories - Manner

Most times I know what I am going to write, at least the general story, before I begin to formulate my words. This time I only had a thought, but not a story, so I just began to compose to see what would happen. 

My end result is being posted here because it is written in only six sentences and that is the challenge that Denise of Girlie on the Edge gives us each week. Click her blog hop challenge to read other stories written for Six Sentence Stories - Manner. You will be glad you did.


He was "in the moment" and feeling tired, but a good tired, after having tackled the tractor problem and then mowing the large natural lawn, a mixture of grass and weeds.  As they walked together over the shortened vegetation, she glanced toward a large unweeded shrub bed and said in all sincerity, "It looks pretty good from a distance."

She always seemed to have a to-do list, whether written on paper or in her mind, and could quickly move out of the moment they were in, admittedly not one of her best characteristics. Unfortunately those enumerations were sometimes taken as items of dissatisfaction and things he thought she expected him to do.

After years of togetherness it had become second nature for him to sense a little of what she was thinking in the back of her head even if her "wife speak" didn't say that. For the most part his manner of interpretation worked pretty well, except for the times when it didn't, and she needed to tack on an addendum to clarify the intentions of her words and her heart. 


  1. "in the moment" ! Is there anything simpler and yet more difficult to achieve, much less maintain?
    Nice style to the Six, a 'quietness' to the narrative that is as much a part of the story, very 'show (rather than) tell'.
    most excellent tale of people in life.

  2. I like this 6, Pat. I read it as a commentary on the nature of longstanding relationships and how they can be a continual learning experience. It also speaks to the notion that no matter how long you've been with someone, it takes a little extra to find out exactly what the other really means and intends sometimes :)

    1. Thanks, Denise. I think it takes 110 percent effort from each person in a relationship to reap the rewards. It is worth it. :-)