Monday, June 11, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

Once again there is much to be thankful for on this sunny day, and especially knowing that even though this post is being written not on the first day when the link opens but on the day before the link closes. Thanks to our administrator at Josie Two Shoes' Ten Things of Thankful blog hop I have that option to post a little later. I may be the last to post this time, but you will never know unless you click the link and see if I grabbed that spot.

1. Windshield wipers. Although windshield wipers have existed throughout my life, I know that some of my ancestors did not have that luxury. While traveling on a very rainy day this last week, I contemplated what that many hours of travel time would have been like without those wipers.

2. Sunglasses. We experienced enough sunshine and blue skies this past week that I needed to don sunglasses. Had I been born early in the last century, I would have no doubt worn broad-brimmed hats on sunny days to shield my eyes because sunglasses had not been invented.

3. Fog lines at the edge of highways. I do remember how excited my parents were when fog lines started to be painted at the edge of the road. I have found them to be very helpful as are the additional reflectors on the lines, or the ruts that are sometimes added to call the drivers' attention that they are leaving the lane near the side of the road.

4. Car heaters and defoggers. As a much younger person I remember curling up under plaid woolen car blankets just to keep warm. Sometimes when my brother and I were sitting in the back sit, we were asked to clear the steamed up windows with a rag.

5. Lightweight breathable raincoats. During the spring and summer rainstorms and thunder showers, it is nice not to be sweltering under a vinyl raincoat, or worse yet a coat with a rubber lining as once was the case.

6. Reference rooms and libraries on online. I remember being so excited that we could afford buying a set of encyclopedias and then the yearbook every year that would keep us up to date with the new information about the world. We can receive the news almost instantly now, but libraries are providing a great service to their users by making digital collections available and through their other services.

7. Physicians and PNAs who listen and compare a patient's past tests with the current tests. After having had a recent yearly physical, my first with the PNA who filled the position of my past physician, I was very impressed by how very thorough she was. 

8. Graduations. It was wonderful to be able to have one of our granddaughters ride part way with us to attend the high school graduation of one of our grandsons. We were concerned by the weather report for the day of the graduation, since it was supposed to rain like it had the day of our travel. Imagine our surprise when we woke up to blue skies and sunshine the day of the graduation. The graduates were seated on the field of the stadium and would have been soaked if it had rained. Spectators were seated under a covered stadium. Our grandson's height made it easy to spot him among the graduates. This was a big weekend for him and for two of his cousins who also graduated from a high school on the opposite side of the country. We are excited for them and for the things they have accomplished. We wish them the best as they continue their educational careers, make plans for the future, and accept new responsibilities.

9. New exercise routines. I've been going to the fitness center to exercise. Although I don't get there as many times a week as I would like, I continue to make it at least once a week. Our leader makes it fun and exercises our minds by changing the routines every month. We are still exercising our muscles, but just in different ways.

10. Observant CNAs. Because of a very observant CNA, we now know what seems to be the cause of mom's sleep disturbances of late. It seems that waking up to a brown teddy bear on her dresser (one we had given her a couple of years ago) now looks terrifying to her in the middle of the night. After the bear was placed inside the closet, she was able sleep through the night peacefully. Those who have ever had a child who has woken up in the middle of the night terrified because of a shadow on the wall, etc. may be able to relate to this. Going backwards in time with Alzheimer's plays cruel tricks on people's minds. Note: Many people in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's enjoy having a doll or stuffed animal.

Wishing that the coming week will be filled with happiness for each of you.


  1. I came in, with basically 24 hours left, behind you on the list.


    Love your number six and how you devote much of this week's post to showing thanks for some things, things I know I take for granted, whereas recent generations who've gone before me could not.

    1. You win this time. It was a fun race. :-)

      I suspect it is human nature to take things for granted, but thanks to this blog hop, we can give consideration to so many aspects of our lives and be grateful for what we have and the things we are able to do.

  2. What a fun TToT post! As a clark (clark's unofficial motto, "new information? ain't nothing but interesting'"*

    I'm with Kerry on #6. Amazing how much information is available anywhere anytime.

    * not really a motto, more a description. If there were a motto, it would be 'if only I can learn or otherwise discover what everyone else seems to have been taught, I can surely become a real person.'

    1. Exactly, "new information? ain't nothing but interesting." There is just so much information out there in cyberland to retain and call up from my mind when I want to use it or share it.

  3. Oh, my. The story of the teddy bear frightening your mom in the night really got me. As you say Alzheimers certainly does play cruel tricks. I am reading this at the end of the day and will remember all of you in my prayers very soon.

  4. I'm glad that the nurse was able to figure out how to help Grandma sleep better!

  5. Hi Pat. You are late to post. I'm late to comment. Where would we be without sunglasses and windshield wipers. I remember my first car was a 1963 Volkswagon Bug. Black. It never started so I had to park on a hill and roll down and pop the clutch each time. One time the windows were so fogged up I sprayed stuff on them to defog them and I about choked to death. Haha. Thanks for the memories.

    1. Your description of your VW made me laugh. I think we got our VW bug in 1963 too. Ours was blue. We probably would have kept it longer, but when the third child came along, we outgrew it.