Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

There have been lots of things to feel grateful about this past week. I'll list ten in this post and then link up to Josie Two Shoes' Ten Things of Thankful blog hop. By going to her site people can quickly find links to the posts of other participants. It is kind of a meeting ground for bloggers.  

1. Being able to watch a young boy bottle feed a katahdin lamb. Katahdin sheep have hair rather than wool, so do not need to be shorn. They are raised for their meat.

Katahdin lamb being bottle fed by a young boy.

2. Discovering that I can grow ginger. In a dark storage room, I had some ginger root inside an open plastic bag. I'd forgotten about it, and during my absence it decided to grow.

Ginger root sprout
3. Read my first large print book as a senior citizen. Although I don't need to read large print books, I must admit that it was easier to read. A friend passed on the book to me after she was done reading it. I'm thankful that these larger print books are available for people who need them. I'm also thankful for thoughtful friends.

4. Spring coats. When the warmer weather comes, we tend to wear lighter coats or no coats. So it is with animals.

This fawn has grown and is now getting a sleeker looking coat.

5. Children who share their talents

6. Being able to get take-out at a restaurant that makes West African meals. I should add, and survive. Let me explain. It was totally my fault in the choice of words I used when I asked the person taking the order if the food was very spicy. The answer was no, at least I took the shaking of her head side to side to mean no. I was having a little difficulty understanding her accent too. (My husband cannot eat very spicy food so it was important to know if the food was spicy.) The food was delicious, but the sauce that came with it, which I thought was probably sweet, was actually very hot, as in chile peppers hot. I poured the sauce on top of my rice before tasting some of the sauce. Fortunately my husband did not followed by lead, but put a fork tine into the sauce and barely tasted it. After him telling me how hot it was, I thought it best to disperse the sauce throughout my food thinking it wouldn't taste so  hot if it was spread thinly. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I would definitely order food there again, but wouldn't add the sauce to mine next time. This is one lesson I'll remember.

7. Laughter. As I was trying to read a menu at another restaurant this past week, the lighting needed to be a little better for me, and perhaps the printing a little larger. I passed the menu to my husband and I commented that I'd never heard of that kind of cheese. It started with an "E." He replied, "Either cheddar or. . ." I didn't see the "i" after the "E" and thought it was a type of cheese. We both had a good laugh about that one. Getting older is full of laughs. I hope we can continue to see the humor.

8. Retirement celebration. We went to a retirement gathering this week for some teachers who were retiring from one of the schools where my husband had taught. It was fun to catch up on what others had been doing since they had retired and to welcome the new retirees into the next chapter of their lives.

9. Being able to attend the graduation of a granddaughter. She has worked hard to get to this point. She received her JD from law school at the University of Washington. 

10. Being able to be together with so many of our family as we gathered together for our granddaughter's graduation.   


  1. I was thankful for large print books, but I needed them when I was young, rather than old.


    Graduation is always a reason to celebrate and give thanks.

    I would have tasted the sauce, like your husband did. I can't handle much heat at all, in weather or in food.

    1. I could have and should have. :-) My tongue would have been so grateful if I had done that.

  2. Large print books are great! I started taking them out from the library years ago :D
    Laughter is good...and seems to be even better the older we get :D
    Congratulations to your granddaughter! What a tremendous and exciting accomplishment.

    1. The older we get, the more often we seem to create our own amusement for ourselves and maybe for others. :-)
      There was a time when it was rare to see women lawyers, but at her graduation, it was "even Stephen" as far as the male and female graduates.

  3. you get the 'sure, come on in, dinner is ready' wildlife that we have over here. We have two rabbits this year that are like clockwork for breakfast and dinner. (Unfortunately, dinner is the front lawn just in front of the couch that Una sits after dinner (waiting for Phyllis to come home)... they always get her attention. The deer are more circumspect in their eating habits (I suspect they visit a different yard every day..)

    I've learned that if there's no magnifying glass available for really tiny print, the zoom on the camera on my phone works well. lol mother of invention and all...