Saturday, November 6, 2021

Ten Things of Thankful

The last couple of months of the year speed by so quickly, but  we still have the opportunity to pause and give thanks each week. Doing that simply act has a way of turning what sometimes feels overwhelming when considering what one wants to do, is best to do, or must do, into a place to provide shelter for one's soul. I am linking my Ten Things of Thankful post to the blog hop hosted by Dyanne of Backsies Is What There Is Not.

1. Windstorm

It wasn’t so strong that any limbs fell off our trees. We had our fill of that kind of disaster earlier in the year. This time it was strong enough that the branches got a good shaking and many of the leaves that were getting ready to drop and would have dropped at their own pace and time were suddenly helped along the way. There are some leaves that decided to hold on tight and do it their way, but at least the leaf blowing has been condensed into fewer sessions.

One of the large eggs
had a double yolk!

2. Double yolked egg

This was the first one I had seen in a very long time. When I was growing up I remember it being said that a double yolked egg was a sign of good luck. Like many other signs of good fortune, I never put a lot of stock in them but enjoyed the brief moment to consider what thing I would love to come true. I was not aware then that there was also a belief that someone in the family was going to have twins, nor did I know the old Norse belief that it was indicative of an impending death in the family. Of the three options, good luck still sound the best, although we delighted with the news of twin grandchildren years ago. As for the last one, well, no one can live without some day experiencing death and it will come sooner or later, in spite of all that one does.

3. A huge piece of a winter squash 

A neighbor had an enormous winter squash, not the size of those squash and pumpkins that require a hoist to lift them, but one too big for a couple of people to eat, so she shared a huge chunk of it with us this week. We have eaten some of it just plain, but I look forward to making a squash pie and possible a puréed soup with the rest.

4. Varying personalities, because imagine how boring life would be if everyone were exactly alike

After messaging someone this week, she said that I sounded like an “old soul.” To be honest, I didn’t know exactly what that meant, so you know I HAD find out. 

5. Watching the baptism via Zoom of a great grandchild living in another state 

I loved being able to see family and being able to watch this special event as well as other family members who were watching from afar. (I had noticed the last couple of times when I was in a Zoom meetings, I couldn’t get my camera to work so that others could see me, which isn’t that big of a concern, but this was one time I really wished my camera setting was working. I thought perhaps it was some kind of user error on my part, but much to my chagrin I discovered after the meeting was over that my screen is completely black when I want to have the camera aimed at me. None of the suggestions shared on various forums to correct the situation worked, so I may have some decision making to do sometime in the future.)

6. Being able to watch the blessing of a baby  great granddaughter via Zoom tomorrow

7. Getting our Covid Moderna booster shots

We had registered online a couple of weeks ago and received our verification, etc., but what should have been a snap wasn’t the case. Somehow between the online registration and the actual store receiving the info into their computer system there was a hang-up. Long story short, the paper work needed to be filled out AGAIN, but the good news was they were still able to give us our boosters because they had an ample supply of the vaccine.

8. Some good health reports within the family this week but still given a few things to work on in the days ahead which keeps our minds active trying to understand and apply the instructions received

9. Buds showing up on one of the Christmas cactus plants just in time to bloom around Thanksgiving

10. Vic and our family and friends
This brings a lot of memories singing at home and in the car with our kids, and fits in with the theme of this blog hop.


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  1. Such a nice list, and i agree, i think you are probably an old soul, very wise and a calming influence on others.

  2. I don't like wind; it always gives me an earache! Glad you only lost leaves and not limbs! I don't know if I have ever cracked a double yolked egg, but I only use them for baking, so I guess I haven't cracked that many eggs over the years. I'm picturing a massively big squash for you to get that much from it and it was only PART of the original squash. Blessings to that baby and family!

    1. Strong winds in the midst of very cold temperatures are very difficult to bear with out sufficient head gear. Wow, that is surprising to think you might not have ever cracked a double yolked egg.

  3. We are so not in Summer anymore.
    Enjoy wind.
    Dislike squash.
    Such is life.

    have a great week

    1. I like your almost poetic commenting this time.