Saturday, November 13, 2021

Ten Things of Thankful

There is a feeling of Thanksgiving in the air and every weekend  the link to the blog hop Ten Things of Thankful goes live thanks to our host, Dyanne of Backsies Is What There Is Not. If you are  feeling a little rushed this week, just remember the number Ten is in the title of the blog hop, but it isn't a set in stone number if you want to share more or less than that.

1. First jab worked like a charm for the phlebotomist when she had to do a blood draw 

We were thankful my husband wasn’t going to have go back another day so she could try it again, unlike a previous visit when his veins just wanted to stay hidden and deep. I am sure the phlebotomist was just as thankful too.

2. A break in the rain so pest control didn’t have to reschedule their appointment to take care of the box elder beetles getting ready to hibernate

3. Senior discounts and remembering to ask if a company offers them so we can take advantage of the savings

Note: Many companies do offer senior discounts, but they are not obliged to tell their customers that they do.

4. Receiving a link to a YouTube video of a recent high school choir concert in which one of our granddaughters sang

She lives in another state and we were unable to attend in person.

5. The beauty of trametes versicolor (turkey-tail fungus)

Turkey-tail fungus
growing on a old tree stump

6. The growth of licorice ferns on a mossy oak branch

Licorice ferns
(Polypodium glycyrrhiza

7. The flavor of licorice
The flavor of licorice seems to be one of those flavors people either really like or can't stand it. I for one enjoy the flavor black licorice candy but rarely ever eat it now, but using anise in recipes has a similar taste and usually around Christmas time I make some cookies  with anise in it. I was about eight years old when a neighbor girl showed me how to find and taste licorice from a little fern growing on a tree. 

8. Prayers and blessings

9. Keeping things simple

10. Vic, family and friends

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  1. is that what they're called? (We have sections of ferns, never knew the scientific/culinary name).
    They's interesting in that they (the ferns) grown in a set pattern on the property and seem to lay over and die at the same time*. In fact, they don't just die, they lay over in a spiral pattern, at some point in early fall.
    Trust your weather will remain moderate.

    1. There are a number of native ferns that grow in the northwest, but I don't know how many of those same ferns are native plants in other parts of the nation or world. Kind of interesting what you mentioned about the spiral pattern of laying down. I wonder if that happens after the temperatures dip into the teens?

  2. Beautiful list! Licorice is a favorite here, i believe what i once read that black jelly beans are pirate candy. Now i wonder if we have licorice fern growing here.

    1. Thanks, Mimi. I is possible you have a licorice fern in your area that is similar to the one I posted here. When I googled, I noticed one that has the same genus as the one above, but the species is different. One article referred to the one in your area as a "cousin" to the one here, but didn't mention the one in your area as having a root that tastes like licorice. Your fern has a pretty cool name though. It is called the resurrection fern.

  3. The turkey tail fungus is really interesting! And I've never heard of licorice fern, so I imagine it doesn't grow here. I like licorice, but I don't like licorice flavored things. I like black licorice and Good & Plenties, but I don't like licorice flavored jelly beans or anise.

    1. My favorite black licorice is Australian soft black licorice, but as mentioned I rarely eat it anymore. Back in the day, I sometimes bought Good and Plenties from the candy machines. Jelly beans in any flavor are not my favorites.

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful list and beautiful photos.