Saturday, October 30, 2021

Ten Things of Thankful

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A sprig of new growth from
Boulevard Cypress tree
which has such a wonderful scent
that reminded me of Christmas

1. Finding a recipe for pumpkin pie that didn’t require making and rolling out pie dough, plus it was very quick to make and was more than just pumpkin custard baked in a pie tin.

Easy to make
pumpkin pie that
reminds me of 

2. Stew season

Beef stew

3. Looking through old post cards that once belonged to one of my mother’s half-sisters

There were a lot of post-cards that my aunt must have bought when she and some other women went to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco in 1915. I had earlier discovered a newspaper article about her intended trip.

4. Learning new words while considering the subject of a Six Sentence Story I wanted to write this past week

The cue word was keepsake and I thought about a few keepsakes some people have. In the process I learned the word deltiologists (collectors of postcards) and phillumenists (collectors of matchbooks and matchboxes).

5. Receiving a replacement for a recalled product my husband uses

We are thankful the company was providing a part that he could use to ensure his safety until the new product was produced.

6. Becoming aware this week that both the battery operated receiver and the doorbell batteries died a couple days apart

When the receiver’s batteries died, the receiver was making a strange noise right after someone rang the doorbell. In the second instance, I just happened to see someone standing in front of the door. He asked if the doorbell worked, because when he pushed it he said he hadn’t heard any sound. Even though I had checked the batteries in it the same day I replaced the batteries in the receiver, and they didn’t need replacing at that time, they gave up the ghost a couple days later. If someone doesn’t knock loudly on the door and we happen to not be in the vicinity of the door, we sometimes don’t hear their knocking. Having a doorbell that works takes care of that problem.

7. Discovering that a pair of slippers I have actually can be washed in the washing machine

Now, drying them in the dryer is another matter. Soon after putting them in the dryer I heard a noise in the laundry room, and after investigating saw the dryer door wide open and one of the slippers on the floor! So I took that to mean, Do not dry in the dryer, or at least not in her dryer. Thank goodness for the lock on the front loading washer when it is operating. That would have caused a mess.

8. Keepsakes

When I was in the 7th grade, I took home economics as one of my electives. We all had to buy the same pattern and embroider our name on the front, so when we were in the cooking unit of the class later in the year that teacher could easily identify us. We did get to purchase whatever kind of printed cotton fabric we wished. I have kept the apron all through these years, although I haven’t actually worn it in a long time, but when I was showing it to Vic the other day, he said I should put in on and let him take a photo of me wearing it. He could barely tie the strings. Can you image that? I’m not that slim little girl I once was.

Me wearing a very old
apron that I made 
when I was 12 

9. Living in a neighborhood where the neighbors watch over one another

10. Vic, family and friends

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  1. Totally with you on Grat#4 (and thanks* for the very enjoyable wordage from this past Six.)

    Number7 I am not one to offer advice. (There was a time, at a workplace in the past, that I convinced a co-worker that the best way to dry her expensive loafers was the microwave. In my defense, I advised caution on both time and power level. Think: those shoes the munchkins wore in the Wizard of Oz)

    *yeah, that's right... let's go ahead put that on my account for a future TToT

    1. Thanks, Clark.
      I had to go to YouTube to check out the shoes of the munchkins. It has been quite a while since I've watched that show. Having seen the results of too much time in the microwave, that seems like exactly what could have happened to the loafers if your advice wasn't followed. I think your rendition of that story would be a delight to read. 🤣

  2. Such a happy list, i like that apron.

    Any chance you would share that pie recipe?

    1. Thanks, Mimi.
      Here is the link to the pumpkin pie recipe that I used. I baked it in a regular 9" pie tin. It filled my pie tin very full, and I had to be really careful when putting it in the oven. A higher rimmed pan would have made it easier. (My high rimmed pie tin was an 8" rather than a 9" pan or I would have used that.) If you have any of those larger cupcake tins, this would work great to make little individual pies.

  3. Love, love, love that you still have that apron! You AND the apron are beautiful!
    I enjoy soup and stew season, too. I'm not a very good vegetable eater, but if it's in a soup, I will gobble them up!
    I miss 6 sentence stories! I have been busy with assessments and parent teacher conferences and just couldn't devote the time to the SSS, but I should be able to get back to it in a week or so!
    Your house shoe story made me think of that folk story about the shoes that followed someone down the road. I can't remember the entire story but I feel like it's told at Halloween

    1. Thanks, Dyanne. I didn't make it to the SSS this week. So much was going on and about the time I thought I might possibly get a SSS written, something else got in the way. I remember that story, but like you the title escapes me.