Friday, October 1, 2021

Ten Things of Thankful

This first day of a new month is reminiscent of falls of the past as the weather so far has brought rain and then sunshine which is common when one month doesn't want to acquiesce to the other. I am also enjoying seeing the slight changing of the colors of the foliage that happens when the temperatures begin to drop. Dyanne of Backsies Is What There Is Not is the host of this Ten Things of Thankful blop hop. In another month Thanksgiving will be upon us, so now is good a time as ever to hop aboard this blog hop and share a few things for which you are thankful. . .a little practice in doing so is good for the soul.

1. First homemade soup this fall

Homemade butternut squash soup

2. The ease with which one can access articles from past publications

It used to be if one wanted to read articles from old magazines, it involved looking through a box where you might have stored them, if you had even kept them, or asking to borrow copies from friends, or going to the library to check out copies of the magazines, but now with many people having home computers, being able to access old publications is as quick as a touch of the keyboard.

This week I wanted to reread the talks given during the past five years  by the leader of the church I attend. All of them had been published in church publications. For 20 years it has been possible to access the church magazines that have been published since 1970 on the church web site and then on June 18, 2013 the The Gospel Library App was introduced which includes not only the magazines, but many other publications.

There used to be a store in the town where I live whose only purpose was to sell used magazines. It was a treasure trove of literary resources for a junior high school student hoping to buy old National Geographic magazines with photographs to clip and information to add to their written reports, all in an attempt to attain that A+ at the top of the report. Those were the days.

3. One of those “why didn’t I ever think to try this before” moments when you realize that you bought more bananas than what you were going to be able to consume before their skins showed all the familiar markings of being quickly on their way to being overly ripe

I peeled all six bananas, broke them in half and placed them snuggly into a bowl and placed plastic wrap closely over the top of the bananas. The bowl was placed in the refrigerator so I could mash them and make banana bread the following day. As it turned out the next day wasn’t the best day for me to be baking, so I waited an extra day, and discovered even then there had not been any discoloration of the bananas, nor any signs of continuing ripening.

4. Relearning the value of reviewing past research, in this case pertaining to family history 

Even those whose skills in doing this kind of research are much more advanced than my own, sometimes inadvertently make mistakes that only becomes apparent when newer information comes to light that disproves the results of earlier theories and research. One researcher whose findings had often been added as a source by many, admitted publicly  why he no longer believed some of the theories of his earlier research to have validity. Because many have relied on his expertise over the years, I for one appreciate his forthrightness in setting the record straight, or as straight as it can be at this point in time, until new light and knowledge is made available. Now I have been able to go back in some of my own records and unlink certain information until further notice.

5. For a grandson who has shown an interest in knowing more about his ancestors, which prompted me to review the information I had on a particular family line, which in turn led me to learning the new (to me) information shared above

6. A driveway that is more prepared for winter weather

Recently some of the lane got asphalt paving, but this week it was time for the driveway by our house to be restored and get some new gravel added.

7. Being able to listen to books being read while I am doing mundane tasks 

I was able to complete listening to a historical fiction novel this week, and because I enjoyed it so much, I immediately downloaded another book by the same author.

8. Good news from family members

9. The beautiful coloring of this lizard who stayed so still and allowed me to take its photo

Western Fence Lizard
seen in the Willamette Valley Oregon
September 29, 2021

10. Feeling hopeful

Vic, our family, friends, and my faith that helps me to embrace #10

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  1. I've come to like listening to books these days.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Like most choices one makes, there are advantages and disadvantages. There are some books, I much prefer a hard copy, but if my sight was limited, I would be thankful to be able to have a way an audible version.
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend too.

  2. Wonderful list! I'm grateful that with Roku my daughter can watch BYU channel and conference.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I am glad your daughter has a way to watch conference.

  3. #2 classic mixed blessing of the digital era... sure, with a few keystrokes I can read a Life magazine from the early '60s.
    But it wouldn't have the smell, I used to frequent a couple of favorite used bookstores and it was as distinctive (stepping in the door) as a bowling alley.

    1. Wow, that smell! I'd forgotten all about the SMELL. At least here, most of the used bookstores don't have that smell, maybe because they are more particular about the condition of some of the books people want to donate. It has been years since I have been inside a bowling alley, but I do remember that smell, one of a kind.

  4. I do love the ease of looking up recipes and articles on the internet, but I can't let go of cookbooks, either! I compromise by checking them out from the library and going through all the pages (kind of like reading fiction, because I'm not seriously going to make any of it, but it's fun to imagine doing so!). Happy to hear you got good news and that you're feeling hopeful (perhaps these are related, perhaps not). Hard to believe it's about time to prepare for winter - yikes!

    1. Chuckles here when reading "because I'm not seriously going to make any of it." Same here. If I do choose to make something from one of my old cookbooks, I have to cut way back on the sugar and the salt that is called for in the recipe.