Friday, October 15, 2021

Ten Things of Thankful

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Cotoneaster bush with red berries

1. Weather forecasts

To know what the winter weather may have in store for us makes it easier to know how much preparation we might need to do before it actually hits.

2. Winter preparations

Since we live at a slightly higher elevation than some people in the area and have a well supplying the water we need, that requires some preparation that is not required of those living in the city. During some of that preparation I was doing one day this week, I discovered a very small opening in the pump house that explained why we had seen and trapped a couple of mice in there this summer. With a little caulking I was able block the entrance. I also discovered the light bulb we sometimes need to turn on in the pump house during freezing weather needed replacing,  so I was able to check my supply of light bulbs of that wattage while I was at it. Before the first anticipated freeze I’ll store the garden hoses and turn off the water supply to the outside faucets and drain those lines.

3. Concern and honesty shown by others

A young man who has a company that does lawn care and exterior care comes frequently to take care of things we are unable to do. He was scheduled to come this week, but notified us the evening before to let us know that a family member/employee had become very sick with the flu that night. Since he had been working with him all day the previous day and was not sure but what the individual had COVID rather than the flu and wouldn’t know until  he got tested he wanted to ask us if we would prefer if didn’t come this week.  We appreciated his honesty and concern for our well being, and decided to not have him come this week.

4. Cotoneaster berries

This time of year the cotoneaster berries turn bright red. Since we enjoy seeing the birds that come to our property, I am glad there is something for them to eat. I am also thankful that this is one plant the deer do not eat.

5. Homemade stews and soups

With the change of the weather, I am enjoying making and eating more stews and soups which I know are healthier for us than some of store-bought brands which have more salt in them. The homemade versions have almost no salt because I use no-salt seasonings instead.

6. Vacuums

A few years ago we received a gift of a robot vacuum which was a great gift, because pushing an upright vacuum around increased the pain I was experiencing at the time. When I am not in the midst of a flare up, by using the upright vacuum I am able to get the job done faster. I am thankful that I was able to use the upright vacuum this week, and not cause any aggravation to my body in the process of cleaning the house. (IMHO If one has a lot of wide open spaces in the home, it is easier for the robot to complete the job quicker, since it doesn't get confused by chair legs, etc., otherwise the robot kind of needs a sitter to make sure it is doing what it is supposed to be doing.)

7. Advancements in required dental hygienist supplies

A younger dental hygienist cleaned my teeth this week. I was impressed that she was wearing what I learned are called dental loupes with a light. (Physicians often wear something similar when doing surgical procedures. With the light shining on the targeted area, the loupes provide the magnification needed to see to perform the surgery.) She explained that all the students studying to become dental hygienists now are required to get this kind of equipment. I will say that I don’t think my teeth have ever been so thoroughly cleaned and polished, nor as gently cleaned.

8. Rays of sunshine

With the changing seasons, the streams of light coming into our home strike certain areas that kind of remain in the shadows other times of the year. However, with those areas being revealed by the light, I can no longer ignore the fact that the cobwebs probably have existed even when they were not as easily seen, but now my target is visible and they can't escape.

9. Bananas

This is the one kind of fruit that is always in our fruit basket and I am not sure I have ever given thanks for this great source of potassium. 😀

10. Vic,  family and friends

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  1. Great list! Bananas are so delicious and healthy (when eaten in moderation) too. I'm so happy your dental hygiene appt went so well thanks to the new equipement.

    1. Yes, like anything one eats, moderation is important to remember.

  2. Thank you for reminding me that I should also be thankful for bananas, which we have for breakfast almost every day.

    1. You are welcome. One of us eats them regularly for breakfast and one of us only eats them occasionally because the body has trouble assimilating them if eaten too frequently.

  3. So it's true... Summer is over?!
    I've resolved to, at very least, not act surprised at the change in seasons this year.
    The different light at different times (or year) resonated especially because of all the tree work we've have done. Nice to have more than 60 minutes of direct sunlight each day.
    Have a good week ahead.

    1. Thanks. I guess there is a good side and a down side to even big storms, Clark. I know it took a ton of hard, but you being able to enjoy more sunshine each day has got to have made it all worth while.

  4. I don't like to eat bananas. I have texture issues with them (they make my teeth feel weird) and they are only at the perfect eating stage for about five minutes anyway. But I DO like them as an ingredient! So I can be thankful for them, too, as long as I don't have to eat one straight up!
    Vacuuming is surprisingly difficult, especially if you have an older vacuum cleaner. My life changed when I got a Shark brand vacuum and found out it didn't have to be a workout to clean the rugs!

    1. That is interesting about your feelings about bananas. Although we always having them on hand, I am the one who doesn't eat them every single day due to the way my body reacts to them. I tend to like them on the green side. Once they start getting riper I use them to make banana bread or muffins, etc. I am still thankful for their availability year round.
      I'm thankful our upright vacuum isn't the weight of the shampooer I bought and then learned that it is too much of a beast for me to use. As long as my body isn't having some kind of a flare up, I am able to manage the upright, and I can use the robot one upstairs, so I no longer need to carry the upright up and down the stairs. In our case it is great to have both at this point in life.

  5. A beautiful list! Yes, a robot vacuum can be a good thing if you don't have to keep going back to rescue it from under the table.

    1. Thanks, Mimi. Yes, those robots need rescuing a lot in some homes.