Saturday, April 3, 2021

Ten Things of Thankful

The past little bit, I have been kind of missing in action. Sitting at the computer where I do my blogging just hasn't been an option, but tonight I am able to contribute to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Dyanne of Backsies Is What There Is Not

Oregon Grape beginning to bloom

1. Being fully COVID vaccinated and looking forward to times when we will be able to get together inside our home with others who are fully vaccinated

2. Spring weather, flowers and the return of many birds to our yard

3. Thanks to the prayers on my behalf and to an injection and a couple of medications I now am beginning to feel some relief from the intense pain that has been part of my life of late, and I am very grateful for all the help my husband has been to me during these past weeks.

4. Lab tests that didn’t reveal anything alarming

5. Being able to do some research via my iPad while reclining on the sofa waiting for meds to do their magic over the course of the past couple of weeks

6. Finding a link to an obituary in an Illinois newspaper for my great grandmother’s half-sister which proved some information I had received many years ago, and also provided some additional information I had not known

7. Having it imprinted on my mind the importance of searching more than one digital newspapers’ site since not all sites have the exact same collections (Yes, I knew that, but sometimes it is just easier to use the site with which I am most familiar.)

8. Humorous moments: 1) Discovering I already HAD a subscription to  Genealogy Bank, 2) A very old and long time favorite spatula broke, so I ordered another spatula only to discover a day later that my husband ordered not only one spatula, but two spatulas the same day I placed my order. They are different sizes and brands, and well, we are well supplied with spatulas now. HaHa

9. Having more than one option to watch General Conference this weekend when the BYUTV channel I was watching froze (I just watched the rest of the session online using my iPad. Later I learned that it is possible to watch it live on YouTube too.)

10. The time of remembering the day the Savior rose from the dead making it possible for all mankind to be resurrected and become immortal.

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  1. Quiet and heart-felt TToT list here this week, for sure. (Which is not a bad thing, quite the contrary, it is, imo, one of the benefits of this here bloghop here).
    Trust you have a good week ahead.

  2. I am so grateful you found pain relief! That is worth 10 thankfuls! Daughter went to her church friend's house for a conference feast and card making festival while listening to conference. She contributed green bean casserole of which she left us some. It became our lunch. It was so good. She has been doing the conference lunches for quite some time. I am grateful she has her friends to do this with.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I appreciate those times when relief comes. When I was growing up and when our kids were still at home we often had a bean green casserole on special occasions. That is great that your daughter is able to get together with others for a conference luncheon.

  3. YAY FOR # 1. The vaccine is open for almost any eligible in CO. It's the finding a spot for my younger folks that is difficult

    1. By the middle of this month teens 16+ will be able to get the vaccine, but I haven't heard anything about the date for those younger than that.