Friday, January 22, 2021

Ten Things of Thankful

Sunshine and aw moments and more. . .there are so many reasons to be thankful this week, but I will limit them to just ten and post them to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Dyanne of Backsies Is What There Is Not.

1. Accessibility to a prescription pill that I take once a week is supposed to be user friendly, but the packaging of each individual pill has caused me frustration almost every single time as I try to peel the paper back to get to the spot to break through the foil to get the pill, but not this week! The stars must have been lined up just right this week.

The pill was easily and quickly
removed from this packaging
that usually is difficult for me
to open.

2. Clarity in communication is high on my thankful list this week.

3. My peace plant is beginning to bloom and this somehow seems like the perfect week for that to happen.

Peace plant blossom beginning
to unfold

4. Here  is a shoutout for fingernail files and clippers instead of having to chew my nails or use a piece of flint or a rough stone to shorten them and smooth the edges like those who lived before there were tools made for that purpose.

5. Anticipation can bring with it varying emotions, but the expectation I have as I look forward to the upcoming free Roots Tech virtual event is one of excitement not only for the treat of listening to the presenters but also because I will be able to learn the names of other attendees AND how they descend from some of the same descendants in my family tree. So far of those who registered from all over the world, there are 4,142 people who are connected to me in some way! Every time I check there are more people who have registered and my list of relatives gets larger. In the live conferences we would text and arrange to meet at the conference, but this time I am guessing texting and maybe arranging to email, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype would be things to consider.

(If this sounds interesting and you want to register for the conference, click here. To take full advantage of finding out who your relatives are that will be attending, click here to register for a free familysearch account. For those who are not members of The Church of Latter-day Saints, just ignore the box that members need to check. To create your own family tree on the site, the information on this FamilySearch blog explains how to do that.)

6. I am thankful for the beautiful and inspiring poem written and eloquently shared by Amanda Gorman at the conclusion of the 2021 Presidential Inauguration on Wednesday. I like not only being able to listen to it again, but to read and ponder the words.

7. The swans, egrets, and herons in the fields within just a few miles from us make me appreciate even more where we live.

Egrets are seen here not only now,
but in the summer when this
photo was taken.

8. I am thankful that Kristi encouraged me to write about an experience I’d had over a year ago and submit it to a church magazine. It was printed in the latest issue of the Liahona.

9. With needing to do our grocery shopping early in the morning when fewer people are in the store, I was thankful for a morning when there wasn’t ice on the car windows and ice on the roads. (Although I wear a mask when I go out, I prefer not to be in crowded stores.)

10. Vic and our family make me smile.

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  1. "Peace plant"-- a beautiful name and a beautiful flower! Also, thank you for sharing Amanda Gorman's powerful poem, and your beautiful article in the magazine.

    1. You are welcome. When the blossom completely unfolds, it kind of resembles the shape of the green leaves on the plant. They plants do best with no direct lighting.

  2. The Item #1! (I often mention how 'identification' with others is a gift of no small value), but those wrappers! Can't see if you're dealing with the same as I do, but we give Una a Benadryl with dinner at this time of year, (very dry ski) and the wrappers! ayiiee! the individual pills are in little squares that tear off the perforated sheet... that way there is only little cardboard to grasp.
    The worst part is the 'easy tear' written as instructions.
    Have great week.

    1. While the pill isn't the same, it sounds like the company might be the same. Your description is exactly the same. I just showed one of the four squares. If the company name starts with AU, I think we have a match. This kind of packaging is not very thoughtful of people with arthritis in their hands or of people who are in a hurry.

  3. Daughter just got her Liahona. I'll need to check it out!

  4. I hate blister packs for medicine! It shouldn't be that hard to get to the pill! I'm hoping your peace plant is a terrific prognosticator of the next four years. Amanda Gorman's poem was, well, sheer poetry in motion! I really enjoyed your sweet and touching story in the magazine. And I look out my door every morning before I go out the door for work, hoping against hope there is no frost on the windows of the car. I sure wish we had a garage sometimes!

    1. I have often felt like as hard as it is to get some medications opened, one could pass on just trying, or have an accident from using some sharp instrument to get into it. Frustrating to say the least, but this makes the second week in a row that I opened one first try. So yeah!
      I am glad there isn't any need for me to go anywhere in the morning, because unless all the snow we got this afternoon melts overnight, which is unlikely because of the lower temperatures, it would be a very slick drive after dealing with the snow and ice on the windows. I know the feeling about the garage one doesn't have.