Saturday, November 14, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

Discouragement, doubt, despair, etc. abound in the hearts of many, but on the other hand even though others may be facing similar challenges that could cause them have comparable feelings, they seem to be more resilient. That doesn't mean they have always been strong in every circumstance, but that they perhaps have learned ways to stay positive, and rise above the murkiness of everyday life. For some, trying to see things, even very simple things, for which to express gratitude is one way that helps. I am posting my Ten Things of Thankful to the blog hop by the same name, now hosted by Dyanne of Backsies Is What There is Not.

1.The sunshine that follows the storms

We had quite a bit of rain this  week, but often within what seemed like minutes the sun came out and the clouds dispersed leaving blue skies, even if it was only for an hour or less. The link is to one of my favorite songs by John Denver.

2. Order out of chaos

There are so many ways to look at this. I will let you ponder how you would interpret this.

3. Repurposing

In trying to figure out what to do with some old bags of wood pellets in our barn, I learned that some people use them as bedding for horses. They can also be used as a substitute for cat litter. Since we no longer have a pellet stove and the pellets are quite old and may or may not be suitable for use in a pellet stove at this time, I found someone who had a use for them.

4. Old movies

It used to be that I would much rather watch a recently released movie than watch a movie I had already seen. I viewed reading books in the same light. However as I have aged I have learned the value, for me, of watching and reading some of what is old.

5. Registering for Roots Tech 2021 

I am excited to look forward to watching some of these virtual motivational speakers, and classes coming up in February 2021. With all the limitations in being able to attend in-person events because of the risks of exposure to COVID-19, this will bring a resemblance of normalcy in my life. 

6. Help

We all need help at times and learning to accept help when offered, or even to ask for help isn't easy for everyone, myself included. I am thankful for the offers we have received to help, and for opportunities to help in ways that I am able.

7. A six sentence poem called Tender by Ford that says so much about the experiences so many have faced this year

8. A drive to the nearby Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge

After another doctor appointment this week, Vic and I drove out the refuge again and I snapped a photo from inside the car. We even watch a couple of eagles off in the distance causing quite a ruckus among the geese flying above a distant water area.

Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge

9. Fallen leaves

If you ever feel a little guilty for not being able to rake up every leaf that falls on your property, click here to read about some of the value of letting them remain on the ground.

Fallen maple and oak leaves

10. Vic and this journey through life we are taking

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  1. I love John Denver! I wanted to marry him when I was in junior high, and I cried when he died.
    #2 is my life as a 2s and 3s teacher!
    I use horse bedding for cat litter, except one of our cats doesn't like it, so I still have to have a regular litter box for him. It's really cheap and the pine absorbs cat pee and leaves no odor. It's pretty cool how it works.
    Aren't we silly for not wanting to ask for help when we need it, when, if someone asked US for help, we wouldn't hesitate.
    We have several places in our area where eagles winter. Some stay year 'round. Always a joy to see one!
    Who knew so many animals and organisms enjoyed the leaves we never rake?! My husband claims he doesn't rake them because of the mulching properties, but it's also because he hates to rake leaves. And most of ours blow down to the neighbors anyway! :D

    1. I suspect every junior high girl has had a crush on some celebrity. John Denver's death was so tragic. I loved so many of the songs he sang.
      With all the rain and the wind we have been having the leaves are coming off the trees pretty quickly now, but even at that there are still a view more waiting to fall. Raking leaves isn't my favorite physical activity to do either mainly because we have so many trees.

    2. John Denver? Favorite, hands down for me - Take Me Home, Country Roads :)
      #3. I wish everyone was into repurposing but I fear we are in the minority.
      Ford's poem was very moving.
      What a gorgeous picture! How awesome you and Vic live nearby. Beautiful.

    3. Denise, Take Me Home, Country Roads is a favorite for me too. It was then and still is. We love national wildlife refuges and are very fortunate to live close to several.

  2. Item 2 captured my attention*

    To me, this suggestion (about chaos and order) is a reminder that our greatest tool is perspective. See it as it is, see it as it might be, never lose the distinction between the two.

    We have pine trees so falls raking is more like brushing a long-haired dog than anything else,

    * I am a clark

    1. Love that description of raking pine leaves! Since our pine trees or a small forest at this point, we just let the pine needles fall where they may. :-)

  3. John Denver's music was sang at my first wedding. His music was so pure and positive. It's a blessing as we journey through trials.