Friday, November 27, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful - The Week of Thanksgiving 2020

 With a thankful heart I am linking up to the blog hop Ten Things of Thankful hosted by Dyanne of Backsies is What There Is Not. (Some day, I need to ask her the story behind the naming of her blog.)

1. Finishing a goal that seemed almost insurmountable when I started it earlier this fall

2. Finishing an audible book, but already missing hearing about all the humorous things that happened when the author was living on a ranch

3. Participating with our children in creating a collaborated Spotify playlist that we could each listen to on Thanksgiving Day when we were not going to be able to be together because of COVID-19 restrictions (A big thank you to one of our daughters for coming up with the idea)

4. Being able to read so many #givethanks posts by others on Facebook this week

5. Receiving a surprise delivery of a bouquet of flowers the day before Thanksgiving to brighten and cheer us

Mixed bouquet of flowers in a vase that belonged to my grandmother

6. Being able to visit with our children via Zoom on Thanksgiving Day

7. Having a spare pair of glasses to use when the lens fell out of my glasses on Thanksgiving Day 

8. Having Thanksgiving Day dinner leftovers to enjoy, including eating  pie for breakfast the next morning

Do you ever eat pie for breakfast?

9. Receiving a text that “maybe” someone left something on our doorstep (Thankfully a note with the items did identify the giver.)

This was the end product of one of the items. The pomegranate was the largest one I had ever seen and produced almost three cups of arils. I like to use them as topping on green salads.

Freezer bag full of pomegranate arils

Do you like pomegranates? What is your favorite way to use them?

10. Vic and our family who make me feel loved, who make me laugh and who make this life so much better than it would be without them

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  1. Certainly a Thanksgiving to remember, with Covid hanging over our heads at all times. Our family did a Zoom call on Thanksgiving, too. We had four generations on the call, and we were on it for almost 2 hours! Beautiful flowers - love the vase and the tablecloth, too. It looks hand made! I have never eaten pomegranate. I wouldn't know what to do with it if someone gave me one! Pie for breakfast is aok because pie is delicious any time! And I will be happy to fill you in on the "Backsies" name!

    1. With four generations on one Zoom call, I thoroughly can understand having a 2 hour meeting. So much to talk about and so much to share. Yes, the tablecloth was hand made by my Vic's mom.
      If you decide to eat a pomegranate, be sure to check out YouTube for different ways to get the arils out, so you don't end up staining your clothes. This link has a lot of recipes using pomegranates.

  2. #1 is one of the best feelings! Congratulations on accomplishing your goal!
    Love the idea of a collaborative Spotify list. Music makes any occasion more festive :D
    Having an extra pair of glasses should be mandatory, lol. Glad you had a spare. I went through a period I was either sitting on my glasses or dropping them.
    I'm with Dyanne - pie is good any time of the day!

    1. Well, I've made it through the weekend using my spare, but I am looking forward to getting my other ones fixed this week. The pair that needs fixing were ones I got where I see my ophthalmologist. My spare I got at one of the big box optometry departments. They used the same subscription. After getting the spare, I took them back to have them checked and told them that they didn't seem to work as well for me and asked if they would check them out. Their response was that they were what the prescription said. End of story. I will not be getting any more spare glasses there.

      I may need to make another pie just to have pie for breakfast. (HaHa) Although I love pie, it loves me too much. Christmas will probably be soon enough.

  3. thanks to technology for the variety of ways that people are getting together in these strange times.

    Item #8 seems to be repeating (through the other's posts) as the standout Grat this week.

    Pie is surely as good, if not better, for breakfast.. seeing how, in the morning you probably have not just consumed 17 pounds of Thanksgiving dinner!

    Funny about the memory, I always think of the myth of Persephone whenever anyone mentions pomegranate (which I've never knowingly eaten).

    1. I hadn't read the myth of Persephone. Interesting story. Now I will never eat a pomegranate again without thinking of this myth either. Of course given enough time, I may forget I'd read the story. HaHa

  4. I love the idea of a collaborative Spotify playlist. How creative! I do a One Little Word memory keeping project each year and one of the prompts is to create a playlist for our word. It's always one of my favorite prompts. Music really connects us.

    Weekends In Maine

    1. Doing the collaborative playlist was a lot of fun. We may have to consider that for Christmas too. I agree about music connecting us, not only to one another, but to a part of ourselves that sometimes isn't reachable any other way.