Saturday, November 7, 2020

Ten Things of Thankful

If deer can meditate, surely this one with eyes closed was.

As some of you have already discovered, our previous host of Ten Things of Thankful, Kristi of Thankful Me, has turned over the reins to Dyanne of Backsies of What There Is Not. Be sure to check our both of their posts this week for a few of the details. Kristi has done a super job, as will Dyanne. The photo above seemed apropos for my contemplative ten today.

1. Our commonality

Even among those we find it difficult to see how we are in any way similar, if we strip back the veneer, we cannot doubt that each came into this world as a baby.

2. Being able to imagine, to put ourselves figuratively in the shoes of another, trying to imagine what we would be like if we had lived in the same circumstances as another

That said, it would be extremely difficult for all the children in a family to view an experience in their family exactly the same way, partly because of their innate qualities.

3. Forgiveness

Being able to forgive others of actions that have caused pain, whether it be physical or emotional; being able to accept  the sincere requests of forgiveness from others; and being able to forgive oneself

4. Being cognizant of one’s health (mental, physical, or spiritual) and taking the necessary steps to improve

5. The impact of truly listening; to the thoughts and impressions that come into our minds and recognizing the source of those thoughts; to the thoughts expressed by others and having a willingness to try to understand

6. Agency and the power to make choices and be responsible for our own actions in response to the choices we make

7. Rejuvenation and recognizing those things and ways that allow that to happen for us

8. Inspiring words and music shared by others throughout the ages

9. Experiences that help us learn the important lessons in life, or in other words, prepare us to someday meet our maker

10. Vic and our family, whether looking back through time or going forward, they all matter and have or are in one way or another contributed in some way to who we are or are becoming

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  1. Is that calm, thoughtful deer Rocket all grown up? :-)
    Hope you have a good week, and can get some sleep.

    1. No, it was too big to have been Rocket. Transitioning from the energizer fawn to a meditating deer would have been quite a change. :-)
      Thank you.

  2. A beautiful and thoughtful list, Pat! Make sure you tell that deer to stay off the road! It has thus far worked for the small herd I shouted to last week!

    1. Thank you. So far telling the deer to stay off the road hasn't worked here. We have to be always watchful.

  3. Surely Items 2, 5 and 6, so easily over-looked when times and the stress it engenders insist that we do something are not only effective tools. They are qualities we all possess that, nurtured and encouraged allow the best in people to be appreciated.