Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday's Whirligig - Whirligig 180

Sometimes it is a poem, a short story or some other piece of writing that comes to mind when I see the 12 new prompt words on Magical Mystical Teacher's Sunday's Whirligig blog, but today my post would be more aptly described as some other piece of writing. I'm linking this to Sunday's Whirligig - Whirligig 180.

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Lakes Rivers Streams" by Michael Dickman: fish, tap, lamp, dream, roof, night, swirl, call, water, dishes, bucket, ask 

tap turned on
hot water swirling 
in a sink full of dirty dishes

days are past 
that she can ask for help
housework is her’s only
as long as she is able

an artificial fish aquarium 
with lamp aglow
helps her see her way
if she awakens in the dark
invites a restful night’s sleep
maybe a dream or two
about something on the bucket list

owls hooting in the distance
forlorn calls of coyotes
raccoons scampering
over, through, and under 
to get to the overripe apples
in an overflowing bucket 
inside the garden fence
opossums staggering
on feet resembling hands
across the roof


  1. It is always a delight not having to check for the given words as they don't really matter; but to read a beautiful, observant yet nostalgic poem such as this. I enjoyed the read immensely Pat.

  2. You used the words seamlessly in your beautiful poem.. Clever and creative work.