Thursday, September 13, 2018

Six Sentence Stories - Supplement

It is Thursday, and on this day every week Denise Farley of the Girlie on the Edge's Blog has her link up and available for bloggers to share their new Six Sentence Stories. She leaves it open until the following Tuesday. I'm linking my new story to Six Sentence Stories - Supplement

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The young growing family had enough to buy the essentials, but not much more in those early years when the bread winner was beginning his teaching career. 

Taking advantage of the sale ads in the supplemental pages of the newspaper and clipping coupons helped stretch the paycheck just enough to not go into debt.

Growing a garden, canning, freezing, and drying produce was a lot of hard work, but it paid off in more ways that just stocking up.

Buying new-to-you clothes, some furniture and other household items at garage sales, thrift shops, consignment stores and estate sales made it possible for there to be a stay-at-home mom in the family, although anyone who has ever had that moniker knows that there were months when spending an entire day at home would seem like a dream come true.

Forming carpools helped crystallize friendships as well reduce the monthly gasoline expenditures.

Continuing to maintain talents and develop new ones through volunteer work and a correspondence course while the children were in school made it possible for her to obtain employment when the time came to supplement the funds of their college-bound kids.


  1. Good use of the cue. Supplementing funds is essential!

  2. Whether out of necessity or simple frugality there are many options for supplementing life's needs, many with rewards of their own like the gardening and canning.
    Relatable 6 and excellent representation of this week's word!

  3. How things have changed! (Not the need to watch the money or make the most of resources), the stay-at-home mother... (for a short time) growing up our family did that. I suspect, and for reasons not limited to economic, both parents (and sometimes the children) all have jobs.
    What an odd future we're seeing

    1. Things are not the same. I suspect the elders of each generation have made similar comments.

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