Sunday, September 9, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

Even though I'm a little later than usual posting to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Kristi Brierley, it certainly doesn't mean that I haven't been feeling grateful. Our host has been running like crazy this past week. You'll see what I mean when you click the link  to see what she and others have shared this week.

1. Being able to get my dental appointment changed to the day before my scheduled appointment which allowed me to get an earlier start to the temple. The appointments are made six months in advance, so I wasn’t aware of a Stake Temple Day which conflicted with my appointment when I made it.

2. Being able to visit a little shop that sells vintage items. It is owned by a woman I once taught in a church class when she was a teenager. It is good to know of her successful business adventures.

3. Receiving the bid on a project we hope to have done on our home. Every so often things just need to be done, and it is better to do some things sooner than later. Much thanks to my husband for getting this initiated.

4. Seeing a rafter of half-grown wild turkeys walking down a driveway in the neighborhood. There were seven of turkeys! (I wasn't able to take a picture, as I was on my way to church at the time.)
5. Being able to attend Stake Conference yesterday afternoon and this morning. I took so many notes of what was said. I am thankful for the messages shared and the time many took to prepare for this occasion. These meetings are held twice a year.

6. Rain enough overnight that the ground got wet and stayed looking wet for a few hours.

7. Writing a short story instead of a haiku for a blog hop. Normally when given a prompt of 12 words and challenged to write a poem, short story or other type of writing, using as many of the words in whatever form, I choose to write haiku. This time I wrote a short story and was glad for the inspiration. Thanks to Magical Mystical Teacher at Sunday's Whirligig for providing the words.

8. Thankful my nephew and his family were able to return safely to their home before the interstate closed because of wildfires. 

9. Thankful to receive emails from our grandson serving a mission in Argentina. 

10. I am thankful for answers to prayers in however is deemed best and for whatever reason. The understanding and reasoning isn’t always known immediately.


  1. Sounds like you had a good week! I'll have to have you take me to that vintage shop next time I'm in town. :-)

    1. In size, the vintage shop is nothing like some of the places we have gone together, but it is still a fun little place.

  2. Your mature faith is a blessing. It isn't always easy to pray for answers we might not understand.

  3. a rafter, huh? (Does that limit to numbers or is it the multiple of turkeys? (or, as they say in Rome, turkae... ) no, I made that part up.
    Sometimes, to borrow from Alice I make up whatever I need to make up, in order to express a thought.*

    (channeling comedian Jim Gaffigan (who you would like) "Well, that doesn't sound too reliable, does it?")

    1. As I understand it a rafter is the same as a flock of turkeys, in other words a group.

      Just checked out a bit of Jim Gaffigan's humor on youtube. LOL