Sunday, April 8, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

How important do you think it is to be thankful, and not only to be, but to express it? Has this been a difficult lesson for you to learn, or has this always come naturally for you? Why do I ask, you might be thinking. 

Well once a week some of us write a post about those things for which we feel thankful, and then we link our post to Josie Two Shoes' Ten Things of Thankful blog hop. 

After linking up we visit the sites of some or all those bloggers who shared their thoughts on this subject. By the time we finish reading, we understand this group of individuals, our sameness and a little of the ways in which we differ. We need more of this in our world, more attempts to communicate, more trying to understand the feelings and beliefs of others, and more strengthening others in ways we can. Good things can come from small, individual efforts, even if it is in a comment to a blog post.

1. Being able to finally feel up to resuming my life, i.e. going grocery shopping, running errands, and visiting my Mom, etc. yesterday. I love feeling well again, and I love seeing my Mom's smile.

2. Having a beautiful sunny day yesterday for my re-entry into the outside world again. Being home is nice, but being able to get out energizes me.

3. Having someone contact me telling me we are connected through our DNA. I believe he is my second cousin once removed. I remembered hearing of his mother when I was a little girl, although I'm not sure if I ever met her. If I needed to stay home and rest this past week, it was nice to have this exciting news and to be able to share information.

4. Being able to do some online shopping for birthday gifts. I was a little late for some these, but glad I was able to get caught up.

5. Thankful my husband was able to get another load of wood pellets and get them inside our house. It is a lot of lifting, and I am grateful he is able to lift all these bags. There have been some years when buying another load of pellets wouldn't be needed this time of year. (Having an earth sheltered home provides more insulation than other types of homes, and so we do not need to heat the home to the extent other homes might need to be heated.) With our very strange weather changes this month, we wanted to have pellets on hand. There is lots of snow forecasted in the mountains this weekend and rain and high winds here.

6. Noticing new life and continued life. We now have at least three fence lizards near our home. My husband just spotted a young one sunning the other day. It may seem strange to be thankful for fence lizards, but I enjoy seeing different kinds of creatures and am thankful these lizards survived the winter.

7. Youtube for learning and relearning the proper way to do things. It is important to be able to retain one's ability to squat and to be able to rise again. Just saying.

8. Discovering that my eyesight has not changed for the worse. A week or so ago, I decided to wear my backup glasses which I bought at a big-box membership type store, not at the eye clinic where I bought my original pair. I'd noticed the past couple of weeks that I was having trouble reading smaller print. I'm not sure what made me think to compare the glasses, as the backup pair supposedly was made using my original prescription I'd given them. Anyway the lens for the right eye does not allow me to see nearly as well as the lens for the right eye of my original pair! I'm so glad that my vision has not changed.

9. Discovering, sooner than later, that a set mouse trap in a closet had a dead mouse. Every spring, we usually have a mouse that makes its way into the house so we set a trap just in case. This week what appeared to have been a pregnant mouse had been trapped. 

10. Cherry blossoms. Seeing these blossoms make me feel happy and peaceful. They are so beautiful and there are so many trees in bloom in the northwest now as well as in Japan as depicted in the following YouTube video. Japan has a lot of sister cities in our state too. Enjoy. 

As always I am thankful for my husband and our family.


  1. Being able to get up after squatting is important! I've been increasing the distance of my runs as I prepare for an upcoming half-marathon, and I can definitely tell on my long-run days that it is harder to get up from a squat!

  2. We are experiencing similar, non-traditional, season over here on the other coast. Constancy and predictability are casualties of whatever we are doing to the planet. I suspect that there is a poetic parallel to the experience of the new millennium by one who grew up with seasons that conformed to nursery rhymes and old sayings.
    Being able to resume the level of life activity is in itself an item befitting an entire post.

    1. I am in full agreement.
      Now I have nursery rhymes running through my mind. :-)

  3. I'm so glad you are feeling well enough to resume your daily activities. That is a great big thankful when the simplest things become difficult to accomplish. Exercise is important at every age.

  4. I love the liveliness of nature, which is something I was reminded of especially this week.


    Your final thankful is one of mine too. I can't even see them, but the name cherry blossoms just sounds so glorious to me. Awww.

    Not such a fan of a mouse in the house. Love that nursery rhyme, or something my grandfather used to say.

    1. I agree that the name cherry blossoms does sound glorious, now that you mention it.
      Is the nursery rhyme the one about there being a mouse in the house and it ends up with there being an elephant in the house?
      I found a youtube telling of it. There is a children's book with delightful drawings of the animals.