Thursday, April 19, 2018

Finish the Sentence Friday - Stream of Consciousness, Home

The challenge this week is to write a post for the Finish the Sentence Friday - Stream of Consciousness, Home within five minutes. I'm thankful that there seems to be a little leeway given as far as the five minute limit, as I seem to struggle with that. Thank you Kristi Campbell, host, at Finding Ninee, and Kenya G. Johnson, co-host, at Sporadically Yours realizing that this is a challenge for some.

All of these words beginning with the letter P are reflections of our home. You might wonder why I chose the letter P. Perhaps it was because I just saw so many things right in front of my eyes that started with the first letter of my name.

Plants - African violets, Christmas cacti, begonias, mother-in-law plant, peace plant, orchids, coffee plant, rubber plant, aloe vera plant, jade, Norway pines, and a few other plants, air ferns, and a few other plants

Piano and piano music - Our old upright piano is the one on which I learned to play the piano when I was a child. 

Prints - A couple of watercolor prints, one of birds, and one of an old New England scene with many of the same colors seen in our home

Pinewood - Our ceilings are made of knotty pine and a file box my husband made before he left for college is made of knotty pine. That box now has Christmas cacti sitting on it.

Ports - For charging various devices

Pumped up exercise ball - This ball is often seen resting on top of the exercise bike, both of which await me using them, separately of course.

Pillows - A few pillows make sitting, or lounging, on sofas more inviting and also comfortable.

Papers - These include bills waiting to be paid, papers to be filed, and junk mail to be recycled.

Publications - Scriptures, a few magazines, collection of cookbooks, lots of reference books and materials, and so many more, too numerous to name.

Pellet stove - We got rid of our wood stove when it became physically too difficult to get wood, and chop and stack it. The pellet stove is a cleaner burning stove too.

People - My husband and I and those who come to visit

Photos - Hanging on the walls are blown up photos that we have taken of birds, flowers, and wildlife. We also have photos of our extended family and one picture of some ancestors in which they are standing in front of a covered wagon. Photos of our children standing in front of the temples where they were married is a reminder of beautiful memories.

Portrait - A portrait of the Savior hangs above our piano. Having His picture there is a daily reminder of His example of the type of people we should try to be.

Peaceful colors - Soft blue/green carpet and a couple of chairs in variations of the same colors, as well as light cocoa colored sofas 

Place of refuge - I believe and strive to make our home a place of refuge, where it feels good to be.

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  1. That last one definitely can agree with and try my best to always make my home be just that - a place of refuge - where I can indeed relax and be just me, too.

  2. I like your take on this week's prompt (another P word!). Your ceilings sound lovely as does your carpet and home. I agree about making our homes (no matter how large or small) a place where we can reflect and relax in comfort and safety. Also, I never get done in just five minutes! :)

    1. Thank you Kristi.
      I enjoy your "more than five minutes" FTSF posts too.

  3. The way the world is I can't imagine if my home wasn't my refuge. I would love to have plants but I'm not very good at them. I have two bamboo plants? I think that's what you call them. I think they are pretty and I've managed to hold on to them for a while.

    1. I suppose if I carefully tended my plants and transplanted them when I should, and fertilized them as needed, they would look better than they do, but I admit I''m not as good at keeping on a schedule with doing so. I still enjoy having plants in the home. I've even heard of people who talk to their plants and play certain kinds of music to encourage growth. I don't know if there is scientific proof that this works, but I have no proof that it doesn't either. However I don't sit around talking to my plants. :-)

  4. That's a beautiful thought; home as a refuge. Perfect.

    1. Thanks, Lizzi. There is a beautiful quote by Maya Angelou about home being a refuge.

  5. Speaking of prompts (lol... I didn't seem to get the Memo on this week's FTSF ... I'm seeing that it's centered on home. The thing of it is, I just went with SOC... and, as is my habit, I don't read other posts until I submit my own... ayiiee. That would have been a useful thing this week.)
    oh well
    I enjoyed your FTSF (liked the dead-pan "...using them, separately of course."

    1. I just checked the Finding Ninee site to see if the cue was mentioned. I read the other bloggers posts after I've written mine too, although I usually read my daughter's TTOT post as soon as I see it has posted.
      I'm glad you enjoyed the dead-pan attempt.