Sunday, April 1, 2018

Ten Things of Thankful

At the beginning of the week I quickly wrote one blog post to have ready to post later in the week, and then worked a bit on another that involved sharing something I'd posted or written in the past. When the actual days came to post, they were pretty much ready. Then as the week progressed, I was unable to get things ready for the Ten Things of Thankful post, so I'm dragging in a bit late, but not too badly. This is a very understanding group of bloggers that usually link up to Josie Two Shoes' site, so I don't expect any tongue lashings from my slight tardiness. We actually are given time to post from Thursday evening (shortly after midnight Central Time) until the following Tuesday evening. So check out her site and see who these other bloggers are and then read what they have shared. Maybe their thoughts will stir up some feelings of gratitude within you too.

While many people have been laid up by the flu this winter, I had managed to escape it until this past week. I knew last Saturday, that all was not right with my body. I'll skip all the details, but as the week wore on, and my body became more and more worn out, I put on a mask and saw the PA Friday afternoon. An antibiotic and some over-the-counter meds hopefully will get me back to normal in another week. Big thanks for herbal cough drops, tissue, herbal lemon/ginger tea, and also for a thoughtful card and little plate of cookies from a friend who was on the mend from something similar. My husband made several trips to the store and drove me to the clinic on Friday. I'm also grateful that this wasn't the intestinal flu, because I really do not care to go through that. Being able to be seen by a PA on Friday and not having to go through the weekend sounding like a seal was greatly appreciated too. In another week I hope that my coughing will have quieted considerably, or maybe disappear.

This last Monday morning I faced a couple of early morning challenges.

Challenge #1. The iPad sometimes zooms into an extremely large screen (I don't know why.) and it is quite difficult to get out of it. Sometimes I can just shut everything down, and it will be okay when I start up again, but not Monday morning. I'm feeling grateful for having a desktop computer and an iPad. I was able to use Google on the desktop computer and find out what to do. It seems others have had that same problem on occasion, so there was an answer to be had. 

Challenge #2. We use for making long distance calls on our landline. This has been a very inexpensive way to make long distance calls. Monday, after we made a couple of long distance calls, it became impossible to make any more long distance calls. When we tried we got a message that our number was temporarily locked. In all the years we have been one of their customers, we've never had such a problem. I'm so grateful that I was able to reach their customer service line in a matter of a few minutes and was able to get our number unlocked.  It was such a quirky thing that caused it to happen in the first place and probably won't happen again. 

When I was growing up I collected picture postcards for a while. I didn't pursue that hobby into adulthood. I learned something interesting this past week about how to date the old postcards that people used to make using a family photo on one side of the thin cardboard like postcard. Just in case you ever have a similar puzzle and need some kind of a timeline for when a photo might have been taken, click on the following link. I'm thankful for being able to learn this family history research skill.

Music that teaches important truths touch my heart and mind. I'm thankful for this one that I listened to this week.

I'm thankful for quotations that cause me to pause and to think.

I'm thankful for Easter, and since we do not live very close to our children, we will probably talk with them on the phone and catch up with what is going on in their lives. Although we do that rather frequently, holidays are special. My church has its General Conference the first weekend in April, so being able to listen to speakers talking about ways to live a life that more closely resembles the manner the Savior taught us to live makes it even more special when the conference coincides with Easter.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend.


  1. Hope you're on the mend and have a lovely Easter.


    Take care Pat.

  2. I'm so sorry you were sick! The flu has just been awful this year.
    I found a box of pictures I didn't know we had at my dad's house and there were some postcards made from photos in it! They were old, old, OLD. Early 1900s.
    Glad you got the long distance telephone bug fixed! Happy Easter!

    1. I hope knowing how to date when the pictures were taken is helpful in identifying the people. Of course, you may already know who they are, but it is still kind of fun discovering how to figure out when they were taken.
      I hope your Easter was great!

  3. General Conference was certainly exciting yesterday with all the changes, wasn't it? I'll give you a call between sessions today; we're headed up to John's parents' house for the afternoon session and Easter dinner.

  4. Probably better to have been caught (by illness) at this time of year than at another time. Dead of winter would make the trips to the doctors more problematic and further into the spring/summer, well, it does not do to be sick in good weather.
    Trust you will make a speedy recovery.
    The technology! Encountering balky devices is not fun but, as long as you have link out to the internet, there is probably a solution to be found. (I favor youtube as I'd rather watch someone demonstrate a repair (car or phone or kindle) than to just read about it.
    Have a good Easter.

    1. I think you are right, Clark. This was probably the best time to get the flu, if I had to get it.

      Youtube is my favorite for finding out how to fix something. The link I went to actually explained it pretty well, even though it wasn't a youtube site.

  5. You almost snuck by the season. While it's never fun to be sick, I'm glad you're feeling better and didn't get waylaid by the nasty intestinal flu. Get well quickly!
    Thank goodness for Google. I don't know how many times I've looked up "how do I..." I have been a little better about checking YouTube as well. I don't think there is anything you can't look up and find the answer for! Technology, the internet...magic :D
    Thanks for the photo timeline link.
    Have a restful but happy Easter.

    1. You are welcome. I hope the photo timeline link comes in handy sometime.

      Thanks for the well wishes.

      Things were pretty quiet here this Easter Day, which was probably best.

  6. Sorry you were sick, I hope you are feeling better. That is an excellent quote and list of thankfuls.

    1. Much better, thank you.
      I'm glad you like the quote and my list.