Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ten Things of Thankful

Sunshine and light have a way of lifting one's spirit.  From that vantage point, there seems to come renewed energy, even a bounce to one's step.  Sometimes it is the physical world around us that makes the difference, but other times it is the people who enter into our lives, or perhaps we become involved in their's.  Can we become a light to others?  I think that we can, and often we don't realize that we have until someone points it out to us.

Being thankful, and making a point to recognize one's blessings each day can make a huge difference in a person's life.  A individual begins to change inwardly, and then outwardly.  People become attracted to that difference, or goodness.

This week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in this land.  Here is my post to that I am linking to the blog hop Ten Things of Thankful.  There are a total of 20 because I wanted to share what I consider as the big 10 that have great meaning to me all the time, followed by 10 that are specific to this past week.

The Big 10

1.  Living in this great land.  Perhaps it is because of when I was born and becoming aware that our country was in a world war when I was very young, that made be feel such a sense of gratitude for living here.  I knew that there were children who were suffering from the war that was being fought in their countries.

There was a conversation I had with my mother once when I was a child where I distinctly remember asking her a question about why it was that I was born in this land.  I wanted to know why some people are born in one country and others born in yet a different country, ones which may have been lacking in so many advantages, at least from my point of view.  I somehow felt that there must be a reason.  Mothers are often asked hard questions that are difficult to explain, especially if they do not even have a hint of an answer.  I nevertheless continued to feel extremely blessed to have been born here.

2.  Freedom.  From a young age, I was aware there were certain freedoms we have in our country that were not granted to some in other lands. Because of where I lived when I was young, I was aware that some people, if for no other reason than the color of their skin, were not treated equally, even in the land where I lived.  I did not understand that contradiction and I felt fearful of those who treated fellow beings so egregiously.  As the years have gone by, I've seen many improvements, even amazing progress.  However, I hope that we won't lose the progress that has been made, through ignorance of what has transpired in the past.

3.  My faith and the power of prayer.  I have had experiences throughout my life, that led me to believe in a power greater than myself or any living being on the earth.  Although it has taken me a lifetime to reach the point I am at now with my beliefs, and it has been a personal journey, I am grateful for that discovery which has helped me in so many ways.

4.  Family.  My family means everything to me--- my immediate family, my ancestors both known and unknown, and my descendants both known and yet to be born.  As we have shared experiences and have learned from one another, I have been taught in meaningful ways that have helped me become the person I am and hope to yet be.

5.  Those who serve by trying to make a difference for the better, whether it be in very small ways, one on one, or in larger ways that might affect our communities, nation or other nations.

6. Those who try to make peace through their words and their actions.

7.  The words of wisdom found in scriptures, and writings of those who have been revered because of their goodness and the power of their inspired words.

8.  Music, art, or prose that thrills my soul.

9.  The protectors of those who unable to protect themselves.

10. The very earth upon which we live and all that is in it, on it, and above, and all the living creatures therein that delight the eye and bring a sense of wonderment at their very existence.  To be able to look upward and see the celestial bodies, and marvel at the incomprehensible number of such bodies is a mind-boggling view.


Red lily

Here is my short list of gratitudes from this past week.

1.  No one was hurt when some branches fell from an oak tree when a load of gravel was delivered.

2.  I was thankful that one of the neighbors had a power saw that he was able to use to cut up the fallen branches and that three neighbors could work together on the project.

3.  We enjoyed seeing rainbows off and on through the sun and rain showers

4.  We enjoyed seeing some of the life forms that sprout up through the moist fallen leaves and through the wet moss on tree branches.  This week it was some mushrooms and lichen.



5.  Some accordion and harmonica playing by a couple of people provided entertainment at the nursing home where my Mother resides.  The harmonica player also sang a few songs.  He appeared to be at least the same age as some of the residents he was entertaining.  These entertainers provide something that my mother and I can do together.

6.  The installation of the solar panels have been completed and the inspections done.

7.  My husband and I were able to go see Inferno starring Tom Hanks.  This is an action-packed film which caused me to jump more than once.

8.  I enjoyed one of those moments when you smile at someone you don't know.  The person genuinely returns the smile, but then looks at you quizzically as if to say, "Do I know her?"

9.  As I read over the lesson about teaching that we were going to be studying in a class at church today, many memories came to mind of teachers who had influenced me in one way or another.  Earlier this week my daughter had shared a memory she had of one of her teachers at school. Teachers can have a great impact for good in the life of a student. It doesn't have to even take a lot of time.  Just one comment can often penetrate the mind and heart of a student and motivate the student to great aspirations or to have the courage needed to overcome a personal challenge.

10.  Although I personally didn't see them, my husband did.  I had decided to stay home and do some tasks at home instead of going over to the wildlife refuge for a few hours.  When he returned home, he said he saw some elk on the refuge as he was headed home. We had heard that others have seen them there, but we hadn't seen them.  I'm thankful my husband got a chance to see them.  Next time I may postpone doing the tasks, and take a break.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. I'm glad Grandma didn't see the branches fall--that would have just confirmed her fears about those great big trees. :-)

  2. elk, huh? None in our area, deer are still in plentiful supply. (they have lost most fear of the barking dog in the window and will simply look up when Una detects their presence.)
    Will be interested in hearing how the solar panels do, imagining your climate as being very rainy. We've often thought about adding photovoltaics to the house but have not taken the step.

    1. When the deer see us, they stand and look in between grazing as we talk to them.
      We do get lots of rain, but we do get a lot of sun in the summer and a fair amount in the others months. We are by far not the first to be putting in solar panels in our area. I'm thinking that photovoltaics on our house wouldn't work. If we lived in an area of the state known for their sunshine even in the winter, that would be more of an option.

  3. Big 10 or little 10, all good when it comes to being grateful for our lives (the forest) and the day to day living (the trees). It's all here in the post and you see the forest WITH the trees. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. I like how you summed up my posts, "the forest with the trees."

  4. Love that you've come up with both a list for any week and one tailored to this one in particular. No harm in sharing both. Double feature.

    1. I was just feeling in a very reflective mood about thankfulness. :-)