Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cee's Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 46

The longer I take part in some of Cee's photo challenges, the more I keep an eye out for things that might work for upcoming challenges, and sometimes I take a photo just because it interests me.  Today I'm posting some more photos that seem to fit for Cee's Odd Ball Photo Challenge:  2016 Week 46.  Enjoy.

This huge sign was leaning against some other items on the deck of an antique store.  I tried to discover more about "Of the world Inc" but wasn't able to find a business by that name.  Perhaps it was used on a float, or in a play, and wasn't actually a business.


I couldn't  resist taking this photo when we were on a trail in Alaska.  Apparently a tree fell and rather than try to remove it, they just sawed down a ways and evened out the rest so they could do some cross cutting to make it less treacherous for the hikers.

A fallen log with tread

This was the oddest store-bought salad.  I've blotted out the store name to protect the innocent.  I did not notice the mistake in packaging until my husband saw the salad at home and said, "A mouse must have gotten into your salad."  There was no salad in one corner.  It was perfectly sealed, so I assumed it was safe to eat and I suffered no ill effects.

Why is part of the salad missing?

We have a ramp and we have discovered that the space between the boards is a perfect spot for the big leaf maple seeds to lodge. They do it all on their own and so very perfectly without any rearranging from me.  My kids used to refer to these as helicopters when they fell from the trees.  In this photo the "wings" apparently led the way into the space.

Big leaf maple seeds

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