Saturday, November 5, 2016

Six Sentence Stories - Fault

A child may be heard to exclaim, "It's her fault, not mine."  A reply might be something like, "Well, she started it."  If the parent is lucky the children will work things out peacefully on their own without an argument escalating.  Sometimes children may consider that they are the cause of a situation when there is really more to the story.

This is a memory from my own childhood retold as a story for this blog post to Six Sentence Stories - Fault.   Please click the link to read some other posts using this challenge word.

Patty didn't understand why her Grandma didn't like the dress anymore.

Grandma had worn the dress many times over the years since receiving it as a gift from Patty's folks.  She had tried it on and liked how it fit, even though she couldn't see the details of the small grey and yellow print of the fabric very well.

One day Patty commented how she liked Grandma's giraffe dress.

"Giraffes!"  exclaimed Grandma.

Was it her fault Grandma didn't want to wear that dress now?


  1. Wow, Pat. That's quite a memory. And a story that says so much about the characters. We all have our own sense of fashion, don't we?

    1. In this story, I think age had a lot to do with the reactions!

  2. Poor Grandma! Her realization of how she must have looked to others all that time!

    1. I think it was a horrible realization for her, assuming others might have deemed giraffes inappropriate.