Saturday, February 19, 2022

Ten Things of Thankful

There are so many things for which we can be grateful. Have you ever felt a little silly about expressing gratitude for such a little thing? Why is that? It isn't everyday that one is saved from a vehicle in a bad accident, or a doctor says there is no more sign of the cancer, or the boss tells you she wants to give you a raise. What then? Do we just think there isn't anything worth mentioning in a Ten Things of Thankful post? Well, some of the things in this post may make you feel better about sharing some of the little things. Dyanne, of Backsies Is What There Is Not, and the host of the blog hop, Ten Things of Thankful and the rest of the TTOT participants would love to read your list of 10 plus or minus a little.

1. Jobs that can be faster by just a push of a button or the turn of a knob, such as washing a load of dirty clothes

2. Two tools, such as two types of vacuums, that perform the same task, but each out performs the other when it comes to certain aspects of the job

It kind of reminds me of how in a family everyone is able to contribute in some way to doing household chores, but one may be better at doing a certain job than his sibling, but each one is a crucial member of the family and is wanted and needed.

3. Unexpected scenes

When I went to the post office the other day, I saw 10 wild turkeys strolling at the edge of the parking lot! By the time I got my mail, they were heading on to other places, and I missed being able to get the photo I wanted, but I still remember the scene.

4. Time management and being able to recognize when I am mismanaging the hours in my days

With the advent of some of the popular online games that have grabbed the attention of many, myself included, I too find them a fun exercise of the mind. I rationalized the time playing them helped improve my deductive reasoning skills, hone my observation skills, and some even were bringing me up to date with the names and locations of countries in the world. It quickly became apparent that in order to continue doing some other things I felt were more important, I would need to use some of the tried and true time management suggestions so these games don't eat up the hours of my day. Just so you know, I will still leave some room for relaxation and fun, but not let the games take over my life.

5. Lighter tapping

This time of the year the bluebirds show up on our property. The past few years one of more have decided that tapping on our windows was the thing to do. We have never been sure if it is just one bird that taps or if several do, since there only seems to be one bird tapping at a time. The first year that we heard tapping, it was very loud tapping, like LET ME IN OR I AM GOING TO TAP YOUR HOUSE DOWN tapping and it was really annoying. Last year the tapping wasn’t quite as loud as the year before, and this year it is lighter still. Western bluebirds live about six years, so maybe, if it is just one particular bluebird, she is chilling a bit and quieting down with age. We can only hope.

6. Asparagus season

The time is here when asparagus is in abundance in the produce section at the store, and it is available at a price that makes it more affordable. It seems this is one of those vegetables that either people really like it, or they just snub their noses at. I don’t remember having it often when I was growing up, except at Thanksgiving or Christmas, when Mom would buy a can of it to serve with our meal. My favorite way to eat it now is roasted with some parmesan cheese sprinkled over it.

The last four “thankfuls”  are a continuation of my ABC list on Ten Things of Thankful at the beginning of this month.

K. Knotty woodwork

When we got married a long time ago, we stayed in a lodge on our honeymoon that had an abundance of knotty pine in the woodwork in our cabin. The home we built where we now live, also has knotty woodwork. We like having the homey atmosphere.

L. Lotion

The label of a certain product that I use refers to it as a cream, but it looks and feel more like lotion. I think I am its biggest fan, because I have used it for many years and most likely will continue to use the remainder of my days because it help relieve pain I frequently have.

M. Marriage

It has been through the experience of being married and having children, that I have learned certain lessons that have proved invaluable for me to understand myself and my relationships with others. I know that there are people who have never married or who have had a marriage that ended in divorce and they have also learned some important lessons about themselves and their relationships with others. No doubt the slate of lessons to learn in life varies from one individual to another as well as the way life tests are administered. I am just very thankful for what has been my experience.

N. Naps

I remember not liking it when the first grade teacher asked us to put our head down on our desk and close our eyes for a while right after lunch. Perhaps there were some children who actually took a short nap, but I couldn’t relax that much to take a nap. Now, daytime naps on occasion are something to which I look forward, and actually falling asleep is no problem at all.

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  1. I would be surprised to see wild turkeys in the parking lot!

    As always, your list is beautiful and thoughtful.

    1. Since there are wild turkeys which have appeared on our property from time to time, they don't come so often that it takes the away an element of surprise. This was the first time I had ever seen them at the post office.

  2. Interesting list, particularly your first two. I don't care for asparagus, but roasted with Parmesan sprinkled over it, it does sound rather tasty. I love your alphabet of gratefuls too.

  3. The older i get the more i realize i should never pass up the opportunity to go to the restroom or take a nap!

    1. The only place I have seen a restroom that offered a place to take a nap, was at the university I attended. I suspect, that unless they have remodeled the buildings, that same restroom and other similar ones in the older buildings, still exists. There was a fairly large room with comfy couches and chairs when you entered, and then a doorway from that room into the what is commonly referred to as the restroom in this era.

  4. I saw the photo you had on facebook of the old washing machine... the heck with efficiency, the simple fact of how dangerous things in the home were, back in the early days... people sometimes make fun of government standards and, granted there are always silly exceptions but holy smoke... how many different ways could a body get hurt in the home in the olden days?

    1. I have read old newspaper articles about many injuries that happened to adults and to children before the invention of our newer household tools and machines with safety standards.

  5. I would be delighted if someone told me I had to take a nap every day! Sometimes after a really hectic morning at school, I will admit to nodding off a bit in my rocking chair while my kiddos sleep. Cat naps are a real thing and they work!'
    I remember when my great aunt still had a wringer washer. She got an automatic washer and dryer when I was about 7.

    1. All the energy of little nugs can really prepare one (teachers, babysitters, and parents) for a nap.