Saturday, February 5, 2022

Ten Things of Thankful - An ABC Approach

Today I am taking an alphabetical approach to making a list of ten to link to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop hosted by Dyanne of Backsies Is What Is There Is Not. 

I know there are many who are experiencing storms, whether it be weather related or life’s challenges. I invite you to think about what it is for which you are thankful. That may feel like a difficult thing to do, but the more one embraces this practice whether the thoughts are shared with others or not, the more one begins to recognize the value of this little exercise. You never know when a single thought you share might just put a smile on someone’s face.

1. Apples

We are blessed to live in an area where there are a wide variety of apples grown and sold in the stores. The one’s we are enjoying this week are some Fuji apples. They are so good and they were on sale for only 69 cents per pound this week.

2. Baptisms

A family member got baptized today. I am so happy that she made this choice to do so. 

3. Census records

As one who has helped index older census records that made it easier for others to find the information they were seeking, I am very excited about the 1950 US Federal Census records that will be available to research in April 2022. This will be the first federal census on which I will be listed, and not only that, but AI will aid in making it possible discover those enumerated. Click the link to read more about that.

4. Dog photos

Since February 3 was National Golden Retriever Day, a couple of our kids shared photos of their golden retrievers in their text messages with us this week. We are able to enjoy the personalities of these dogs thanks to videos and photos that are shared and that bring back memories of the dogs we have owned.

5. Egrets

The large number of egrets that have been in the area these past couple of weeks have caught the sight of many. We saw them dotting pasturelands and lining streams and lakes. Their white feathered bodies cannot help but be seen!

Egrets in a pasture

6. Family time

Whether doing something as a couple or messaging and zooming other family members, making time to be with family is important. Connections are so vital, whether it be with your family or with friends who feel like family.

7. Genesis in the Old Testament

Over the years, I preferred reading the writings found in the New Testament to that long journey of plowing through the Old Testament beginning with the book of Genesis. This year as I am attempting to study the Old Testament once again, my study is being greatly enhanced by watching and listening to videos on YouTube that include those who have studied the languages that were used when the scrolls where written and who have studied the geology, archeology, etc. of the peoples who inhabited the lands.

8. Hyacinths

We tried planting hyacinths many years ago, and learned very quickly that the deer liked to snack on them and the gophers and like-minded burrowers eat the bulbs, so I didn’t plant them after that. Seeing the potted hyacinths in bloom on stands outside many stores shows me that spring is on its way, or at least the nurseries are hoping so. 

A hyacinth which escaped the gophers and deer

9. Intuition

Being somewhat of an intuitive person I suspect can be a blessing at times and perhaps not so much at others. Learning to come to terms with one’s self is what I think of as one of life’s lessons and a huge blessing.

10. Jam and jelly

A little dab of sweetness on a homemade biscuit is a breakfast treat once in a while for me. It doesn’t have to be much, but just enough. 

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  1. Amazing, Beautiful, Colorful... :-)

  2. What an excellent approach to a TToT
    And still ranged throughout life with the items... very cool

    (and, you gave Dogs a place in the list. Una approves and I smile.)